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  1. I'm glad you can use my experience for something. as for the copper plates at the bottom of the ship. they are maed of old bills and reminders ther are cut into small pieces and pasted with a mixture of white carpentry glue and water and finally painted with copper spray . very simple and inexpensive
  2. hi and welcome to the club of Cutty sark builds . I direct the current through the stand so i can have the power source outside the model along with the switch.
  3. Hi Martin it looks great - I look forward to following your build. Cheers Jens
  4. Hi Denis Thank you for your input, yes it is really delicious with all the chain, I myself absolutely love it. However, I have a problem I have approx. 5 m chain I probably need at least 8 m, but of course it can be obtained. Cheers Jens
  5. Hi Vladimir Thank you for your nice words. Yes, we are gradually some people building on a cutty sark. I've seen your build log - and it's an impressive project you're on. and your richness in detail make you honor. i'm a little curious about where you should have it on display ? Is it for an exhibition of some sort. ? it will certainly attract attention wherever it stands. Cheers Jens
  6. Hi Guy thank you for your nice words - it is fun to hear you have been in vordingborg, the last 2 years i have visited the city in week 28 where there is a "party week" with music performance and food - and ofcours Beer. unfortanly it has been canceled this year due to corona Cheers Jens.
  7. Hello everyone here is a small update that has required a lot of patience and 2½ meter anchor chain 1½mm thickness. There are a few stays and backstays missing before I move on to the main mast but it vill com . Cheers Jens.
  8. just look through my old pic and find a cuppel pic that might bee of interest
  9. hey i have a copy - but with sails and drawstrings it is not to take good enlightening pictures - with less you know what details you want to see. but you have the mast and yards drawings with the reference number right? as i remember it is the leash lead afterwards that is totally fuckt in AL. guidance. there I had to use the help of Billing boat drawings and found on the web drawings for Rewal plastic model which were really the best to understand I would like to take a few pictures of details if you clearly tell me what to see. Cheers Jens
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