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  1. Hello John thank you for the nice words about my model .I am very surprised and honored to be compared to one of the great filmmakers, but I can see what you mean by being cast in another time and place - it is a big part of building model. that with the power - there I must disappoint you - the power supply is cable connected, but with very thin wires, which is not seen in the picture unfortunately i have no battery now - it is made for 12 wolt when i used dasbord bulb in the beginning. later i found out i could use led light . the current goes via cables ( 0,3 mm virer )to the cradle where the plus and minus are at each end and attached to a small screw when the model is right in the cradle the screws touch two metal plates in the bottom of the keel. I hope this detection does not disappoint you - even though I thought it was brilliant to be able to use vieres for cable - the navigation light is powered by the support for bulvork where the plus and minus are twisted together as a support and painted white Well but I hope this is understandable what I write - it is with the help of google translate and therefore it can be a bit strange - I hope it works Cheers . Jens Åbn i Google Oversæt Feedback Webresultater
  2. Hi Denis 🙂 I'm glad to hear from you again. yes I think you have long since finished the fishing cutter "Norden". so what are you building on now? I am still preparing to raise the mast but there are many shortcomings I have skipped earlier which must now be done before it is to raise the mast - otherwise it will be inaccessible to reach. Here is the main mast stays attachment on the deck, which I made this morning - I have run into a little dry time so I am now on the computer. I had to remove the bench to get to the brackets consist of a brass nail, one piece 2 x 2 mm plate from my brass platter and then some cut-off from some billing bots fiting. It all happens here at the rowing shop one piece soldet here with 1 mm brass wire bent to rings and then just wait until they are dry 😁 Cherrs All. Jens . even if they don't come on yet, I just have to do a test. and, as feared, the space is very tight - but it might just be there
  3. Hi there is not much to see since last but a few yards more it is.
  4. Hi a little updating. a lot of work goes into preparation to finally raise the masters but I thought myself I have come a long way with the form mast. - why a yard is placed is because it is a whole ring that connects it to the mast and therefore must be on before being closed over it Well. still a lot of work to do then back to the workbench Cheers All. Jens
  5. Hi I started mounting the rig but it takes time, so to start with the easy one I started with the bowsprit just to get started. Cheers All. Jens.
  6. then we are two who build without a professional background, but if you stick to the drawings and many photos of the details then we can probably com thrug this vith stile . Jens.
  7. it is now almost 4 years since I put dead eyes on C.S. and much has happened and learned since then and now I have broken the code to make ok dead eyes and have therefore changed them all. Before : After and thus the work continues indefinitely Cheers All Jens.
  8. Hello everyone I have finished the lower fore topsail with its special bearing support device. I've made it movabel like on the real ship - unfortunately, one thing that won't be seen when it's all finish one day, but I'm glad to know that it's working properly.
  9. Hi Denis the weather here in denmark is the past most for indoor pursuits so it helps a little at the work on cutty sark. cheers. Jens.
  10. Hi Peter Thanks for your nice words. I took part in a 14 day jewelery course which was very instructive in terms of learning to sand cast and to solder etc. and the best part was that I was one man among 12 sweet ladies on that course
  11. Hello everyone . I have spent many hours on this mast project. and have now reached where I want to mount the yards and make the top mast ladders and so on ,but still only one at a time -the picture with all the masts is just to boast I look forward to the great work being done now that the masters "get together" Cheers All. Jens .
  12. Hi Etubino and Guy 😃😄 thank you for your nice words. I appreciate it Cheers Jens her a small update : I just made thise "dont know the name "but fits to thed ends of the yards .

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