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  1. Welcome Desalgu, Beautiful job on your Syrene build. Please feel free to share more photos of her. You have definitely stumbled onto a goldmine of knowledge with this forum. If there is a kit out there, chances are someone in the forum has a build log for it (all legitimate kits of course). The best part is that no one judges you and everyone is willing to help with whatever issues you may have. Looking forward to see a build log from you soon. -Brian
  2. Sounds very interesting. Count me in. Headed to register now. -Brian
  3. Keith, I’m sure this is a common occurrence for you northern folks, but a 12 degree day with -5 windchill is unheard of here in Texas. But I have to agree with you, the Bahamas would be nice right about now. -Brian
  4. Eric, Great job on the mast step. Very interesting on its placement. I would have never guessed that the builders would have chose the bench tops as a strategic place to mount it, but those guys were a master of their craft and knew what they were doing and from an engineering perspective it makes sense. As for the rigging, I am way out of my element on this one. My guess is that it would have been somewhat simplistic yet functional and sturdy given that there was only one sail (a rather large one) to deal with. I would think that it would be rigged where it could be set
  5. That she definitely is a beast. For some reason I was thinking it was smaller than that. I can see where she would take up a lot of space, especially if the oars were in set and ready to row. But you really want to at least put the mast in place, otherwise you’re going to miss out on all the fun rigging. 😜 -Brian
  6. Excellent work as always. Out of curiosity, what is the overall length of the hull. Just trying to get an idea of how big this boat is. I briefly scanned through and couldn’t find anything on it. I was trying to figure it out in relation to the bench supports on your patio deck but figured it would be a lot easier just to ask. -Brian
  7. Wefalck, Most definitely. Here is a picture of her forward ones as she sits today. The aft ones were either lost in the recovery or just not installed on the display. I am not able to find any reference to fate of the aft ones for the Cairo in the HSR or otherwise. However, they are visible in some of the old pictures of other City Class boats and they are also called out on the HSR plans. Cairo: Carondelet: HSR Plans: -Brian
  8. Greetings again all, hope everyone had a great New Years. It's been a bit since my last update. Since Christmas things have been a little slow on the build and I have not had a whole lot of post worthy work to show. I did however get a few things accomplished recently. One of them being completion of the forward casemates. Also complete were the starboard side interior walls. Next I started work on some of the forward deck features. First were the bollards. Next were the forward
  9. Johnhoward, I appreciate the input on this very much and kinda figured that would be the answer. Coloring determination on many older ships, especially those that didn’t have much of a history before going down to the depths make it difficult on us builders that are doing our best to faithfully replicate the original ships. I see a lot of this issue on other builds where builder liberties have to be used when the information is just not there. One such example would be Vasa. She didn’t make it past her maiden voyage before being lost for 400 years. During my research on t
  10. Lots of tedious work, but it all pays off in the end. I love the minor variances and inconsistencies, they add that touch of realism to a build. To echo Steven’s comment, I’m glad all went well with your father in law’s memorial service. Coordinating that any people online is no easy task. -Brian
  11. Happy New Year to you as well. What a beautiful winter scene, definitely postcard worthy. We barely escaped the white stuff here this time around. good weather to spend in the shipyard. Can’t wait to see how the latest additions to the crew come out. -Brian
  12. Daniel, Beautiful work as always, as well as the very descriptive history lesson. Truly wonderful build to follow. Stay safe and have a Happy New Year as well. -Brian
  13. That’s what I was thinking as I was watching. It’s amazing the skill and labor involved with shipbuilding. My ulterior motive was hoping, somewhat, that by watching it would entice you to add the rivets to your build 😈. Beautiful job on the figures. They look right at home on the deck. My skills at detailed painting have never been that good. One of the reasons why I try to steer clear of painting my models unless it it’s one solid color, or lacks the fine details. -Brian
  14. Johann, This is quite simply a masterpiece in the making. The details and intricate work you put into this build are mind blowing. I look forward to each and every update with great anticipation. Coupled with the videos, it is one of “The” builds to follow. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work with us, it is a true pleasure. -Brian
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