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  1. Yves, Absolutely stunning build. You are a master of your craft. I have thoroughly enjoyed this build and look forward to your next endeavor. Also, your photos are nothing to balk at at all. They truly do your model justice. -Brian
  2. Greeting everyone, Small update this week. I managed to get the paddle wheel and pillow blocks completed this week. Here is the wheel assembly painted. Buckets cut, sanded drilled and stained. I used a mixture of Ipswich Pine and Golden Oak stains for these. I wanted something that would contrast the black ironwork of the wheel assembly, yet not blend in with the rest of the surrounding wood. First bucket going in. More buckets being installed. I threw together a little jig to hold the assembly while I worked
  3. Eric, Nice job on the figurehead, that’s one of the skills that I have not attempted yet is carving. Not sure that if I gave it a shot that it would resemble a dragon at all, probably look more like a worm. I’m with Louie on the eye. Protruding would most likely have a better effect. -Brian
  4. Roger, Winchester has some truly beautiful weapons. One of the guys I hunt in Wyoming with uses a true Winchester 1894 38-55 black powder cartridge and is deadly accurate with it. I am more of a traditional cap and ball black powder person. I have way too many hobbies to start reloading. Not to mention the Admiral would blow a gasket if I picked up another one. Funny you mention flying saucers at Devils Tower. I was 10 years old when I first saw Close Encounters and wanted to see Devils Tower every since then. Sad that it took over forty years to cross that bucket list it
  5. Keith, Thank you for the kind words. You are so right about that being some of the best scenery (minus the smoke of course). I was a little disappointed that we didn’t make it to Yellowstone, but I’ll definitely hit it on my next trip up there. Nice to have friends up there to go visit every so often. We spent most of our trip in Cody, WY where, if you are a gun enthusiast like I am, they have one of the best collections in the world. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West has over 7000 guns dating from the 2000’s back to the invention of gun powder. They actually h
  6. Hello again everyone, It has been a while since my last update, but I have finally returned from my hunting trip and vacation. Needless to say it was well needed and I saw some of the more beautiful parts of this country that have been on my list for a long time. Unfortunately, the wildfires that have been plaguing California, Oregon and Washington halted my trip to Yellowstone. The smoke was so bad that the air quality and visibility would not have made for a very fun trip, so I'll hit it next time. I did se a couple of other fascinating places though, as you can tell by the pictu
  7. Eric, Finally catching up on your build. It’s looking like you are overcoming the hull obstacles very nicely. It won’t be long before you can put that part behind you and move on to hopefully less frustrating construction. Love the figures. Your choice of colors is very realistic. I wouldn’t worry too much with the scale difference, from here it looks as though Sihtric is somewhat crouched in a stalking position so he would appear a little shorter than Ragnar who looks to be posed ready to launch his spear. -Brian
  8. Very tedious work, but she’s looking great. Love the chisel jig as well, perfect way to keep an even edge. Pretty ingenious. -Brian
  9. Vaddoc/Don, Thank you both for the kind comments. Vaddoc, these boat were actually fairly sturdy for being built on a short schedule and a shoestring budget. Their flat bottoms, triple keels and heavy framing helped support their heavy armor. Thankfully they only had the western rivers to contend with and not the seas, so they weren't tossed around that much, just swift river currents and enemy bombardments. Time again for a brief update. While I still contemplate work on my engines, I started working on the paddle wheel frames. I was having a
  10. Yves, Difficult decision indeed. You could place one on the sub itself and the other as it’s own static display since they are both beautifully crafted. -Brian
  11. Nice job on the painting Eric. Looks very realistic. Great use of colors and shading. -Brian
  12. John, Thanks for the info. From the pictures they had the look of hammered iron, only the aluminum color was throwing me off. Good idea though to keep the shapes uniform. -Brian
  13. Eric, Sorry for all your troubles with this build so far. I’ve had major issues with other builds in the past, but nothing on this scale. Unfortunately this boat is way out of my wheelhouse to offer up any good suggestions as to how to remedy the situation. One would think that with the way the frames were notched to accept each plank that it would work as a bend and overlap guide as the planking progresses. Obviously this is not the case, and to me seems to be an engineering flaw in the design. Without having the instructions in front of me it makes it difficu
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