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  1. MRI results indicate my pitching career may be over. Surgery next month and the 6 weeks in a sling. 😑 Only one thing to do...build as much as I can before the official downtime. 👍🏽
  2. Taking a break due to work obligations and a bad shoulder. Will be making some progress shortly after an MRI...my Syren is sitting here making me feel guilty!!! 🤣
  3. Time to log Ridiculous Idea #942...or somewhere around that number! Work has been getting in the way of the Syren, no surprise. Better busy than not, I reckon'. I've been noodling over the carronade mounts. And once my mind grabs onto a problem, it's like an irritating terrier which won't let go of a pant leg. So, I decided to try and replace those ridiculous laser cut things they call 'parts' that came with the kit. I know some have used them, but they are so damned small, and the laser char and wood seams are simply too difficult for me to manage. So I went off the beaten
  4. I made my stamps a while back. See my build log post #10-11, #37, and #76. I tried the drill press option but didn't get clean bolt impressions. Opted for the hammer method instead and got some good results. Work getting in the way of my beloved shipyard! Enjoy!!!!
  5. Well, the spare set I found are certainly largest in bore size. They are thicker but same relative length. The kit provided Britainnia piece is next largest. While the Syren provided one is same exterior dimensions as the kit provided cannon, but with a much smaller bore. In truth...I am thinking the Syren ones might be closest. But unless I could actually turn my own, I’m less inclined to try to mimic historical accuracy. So the Britannia pieces (no surprise...) are going in the trash. I’ll work up both the mystery cannon and the Syren cannon and see which look best.
  6. Got the swivel brackets mounted. Was a bit finicky trying to get them mounted square...finally made a little mounting jig called a ‘stick’ to line them up on the edge of the ports.🤣 Moving on...
  7. My super slo-mo build continues. Made some brass rings today. The kit only came with a small assortment of smaller rings, so used some 0.4mm thick brass wire and wrapped it around a #65 drill bit set in a pin vise. Clipped them out with a sprue cutter. Ready for blackening whenever...the brass wire I had was stiff...assumed it was annealed so used a lighter to heat up the wire first...then it bent like putty. Final outer diameter was 1.7mm. Same as the kit (shinier bits on top). Interesting find. In searching for wire, I found a set of cannon with walnut c
  8. Awesome, Dave! You make really nice use of that lathe. The penny is a bit cheap...you should use a dime! 😎
  9. Think you might be referring to another build log. The L method of making the triangular piece never gave me good results. That’s why I used two dowels glued together to hold the piece. ☺️ But as long as you got er’ dun that’s what counts! Looking good, Red!
  10. One thing to consider on my side has been the doors. More specifically, when to put them on. I mean, theoretically, they could go on last...like even after the flags. There is absolutely no interference from other elements in the build except the chain plates. Which is why I’m questioning when I should install them. So...once I’ve completed them, I’ll just number them up and wait a bit. My figuring here is that if you install them in the open position now, the chain plates become a bit more fussy to install later. It’s a tight fit...especially those two amidships on either side.
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