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  1. The brass lettering came with the kit. Got the ultra thin birch plywood from Hobby Lobby. The boxwood trim I made myself as I am trying to get away from basswood. 😆
  2. My first was the Sultana. The detailed practicum was invaluable...but this forum was priceless. See my build log in the links below. But remember to have fun!!! Welcome!
  3. Working on transom cap rail. Before I start painting, wanted to figure out how I’ll mount the name plate. Decided for a simple option. Cut some really thin 0.4mm birch plywood into a strip slightly wider then the brass letter height. Paint it black. Then mounted the letters on the plywood strip. I’ll mount the top trim piece, then the name plate section, followed by the final trim piece. Although the center section is bowed outward somewhat in the pic below, the letters will not sit proud beyond the width of the boxwood trim pieces. It should look som
  4. Uh Oh....I see a slight scratch on the 3rd board starboard of the main mast hole! I think you might need redo the entire deck! (kidding) Remind me again - is your deck made of pear or boxwood? And did you prestain it? It looks fantastic!
  5. Love my keel clamp. I actually attached it to a rectangular base of 3/4" plywood. It's as solid as a rock...and I can move the entire assembly with ship attached with confidence rather than leave it clamped on the edge of the desk. Great investment.
  6. Howdy, Bill. Actually, my ports aren’t perfect squares 😣. I installed my lintels in the manner of a plank, following the sweep of the ship bow to stern. When I installed the uprights to form the ports, it obviously yielded a slight trapezoid effects in the bow and stern. However, it’s a small imperfection I’ll learn from!👍🏽 See my blog. Like others, I focused on simply taking out the meat of the lintels/sills and installing the sections to form the ports. After that, I faired the exterior and interior evenly (as best I could). For the exterior, my primary weapon for fairing the
  7. Wow! She turned out nice. Hey...stain away! I'm sure it was worth it to see a nice planking job completed and clean. Nice work!
  8. Dave, I’ve got nothing on you. Your work shows both patience and skill. Not sure I could repeat what you are doing to the same effect. Bloody nice work!
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