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  1. Great tutorial and stellar work. But I’m not certain exactly what you mean at this point. Having a hard time visual what you were doing after you formed these closed served hoops.
  2. Well....that’s the problem. I joggled 3 planks on either side a bit and I was doing pretty good, but my margin plank was glued in. Lesson learned. It was at joggle #4 that I noticed the spacing on either side was off. I think when I glued in my margin I had created a slight shift in alignment. If the margin isn’t symmetrical on both sides, the joggling is asymmetrical...something I was NOT really aware of. Again, some good experience and useful for next build. Honestly, I could rip it all off and start over, but I’m so close to done, I’m curious to know what it will turn out like. 😊
  3. These were the ones I used. They aren’t silver so much as pressed carbon I think. ***correction...the A/O stands for aluminum oxide. I’m an idiot. 😂
  4. Well, for good or ill I’m in it for the experience. Good Lord knows I’ve been practicing and have thought up a couple useful ideas to hopefully eek out a good result. 🙏🏻
  5. If you microwave the piece while it’s bent across a former (I used a wood block) it holds its shape really well.
  6. The whole process of nibbing and joggling the planks really makes me nervous. 😣 Hipexec was one build which avoided this part and his build was stellar. Just rethinking it...the whole idea of those itty bitty corners fragmenting as I try to cut in the sections makes me cringe.
  7. Took a break from work to put in the remaining sections of the margin plank. Was all excited...until I measured the remaining planking widths at the various frames...and of course, the starboard side measures slightly narrower (about 1mm) across the main section of the ship. I’ve been measuring constantly, and it’s fine at the extremes (stern and bow frames), so not entirely certain where the discrepancy lies. Probably when gluing the margin in there was some ‘minor give’ (straightness) in the plank which I removed by pressing into the bulkhead curvature. Live and learn!!!
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