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  1. Yeah. That paint bleed can be frustrating. The yellow is a great as well as historic workaround. 👍🏽 Adapt! Overcome!!! looking great.
  2. I’m still here…icing my frickin’ shoulder…staring at my ship…wishing for the Love of God I was left handed…
  3. Enjoying your build! Very nice progress! I think you have a very good eye for dimensions and perspective. I’m sure whatever modifications you implement will be fine. Remember, it’s your model! I think you’ve done brilliantly so far!
  4. Awesome! I’d have done the same…I think you’ll be so much happier in the end. 👍🏽 Nice fix and looking forward to your next steps.
  5. I think it's really looking well so far. One thing you could try with regards to the gun port being installed a bit off-center would be to make another gun port midway between the two and maybe make it symmetrical across both sides. I'm really not certain what the other side looks like, but another thing to consider will be that once you have all the deck furniture and rigging up, that your display direction will probably be the best fix unless you want to rip off the bulkheads and start over with the correct alignment of the gun ports. Frankly taking off the bulkheads at this stage above the whales shouldn't give you too much difficulty. In truth it might give you an opportunity to do an even better job since you've already had some practice putting in the bulkheads and carving out the gun ports. It's a lot of work though, and I think so far your build is looking marvelous!
  6. We all have to occasionally request our Admiral’s permission(s) to maintain quality of life! 👍🏽 Nice job negotiating…what did you have to give up in return??? 🤔
  7. OK ... I've been thinking about how to make the quarter gallery roof tiles, and have thought up a couple of different ways. But I think I want to stay with making individual tiles out of some material to make the roof look as real as possible. This is one thing I really liked about @WalrusGuy's handmade galleries for his build. So, I think I'm going to stay with using wood (rather than paper...my original approach) and staining the wood a darker color before cutting and placing on the roof tiles... The main challenge was how to make the tiles consistently same thickness. I think I have a good approach . Now... I only have to wait 6 to 8 more weeks until I can use my right arm. Sigh...
  8. Hi Will. Not quite clear on the steps you took to make your cleats. Could you repost with a few more pics? The pic of the linear holes you made in your pear sheet isn't enough for me to grasp your process and I'm very curious!
  9. Well…time to button up the shipyard for 4-6 weeks. Shoulder surgery tomorrow (☹️) and I’ve got no more time left to spare to plunk on the quarter badges. However…with the main parts made, and my ideas for the garlands, scroll work, roof details, etc. tested…I think I can take a pretty good run at finishing these up after I recover. Next steps are drilling pin holes (yes…pins for the win when mounting these things…I’m not bloody guessing), painting the windows, staining, putting on the shingles and detail work…yada yada. Gratuitous photo of the unglued bits (mounted on some Tamiya tape) before I put the shipyard to sleep for a while. I’m still not done…but I’m feeling pretty good about my progress so far on this little side trip. Moving on…
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