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  1. Hi Dave Great Meeting you at Midwest Model Shipwrights last night! I like your approach to the cap rails. I think they’ll turn out beautiful. Pat (Overworked724)
  2. Happened with my kit parts as well. I also made my own. The wood was old and brittle, and even when I got the part out, they would snap with the slightest stress.
  3. Got a chance to spend time in shipyard! Some slow but steady progress. Took it slow and got the majority of the char off the bulkhead former, frames and the stern pieces. Gentle sanding...you can see they still look a bit ‘dirty’ but they are smooth surfaces and should provide good purchase with glue. Very gentle sanding on the stern pieces! Dry fit the frames - there is enough wiggle room for a good fit and still ensure square alignment. Will use fillers in between frames as others have done when the time comes. Going to take my dear sweet time on this part since I know how misalignment will ruin the day. Played around with an the false second deck. Will simply build it on a thin piece of wood and slide it in place. Used a cardboard cutout as a trial piece. Seems to work ok. Some ‘baby’ pics below. Off and running!!!
  4. Great advice! Agree that if there is a full build log with pics it aid your comfort level in progression through the stages of your build. Good luck!👍🏽
  5. I vote for the Model Shipways Sultana. LOL But I’m biased...it’s the only wooden ship model I’ve made so far!
  6. Not much progress. Just sanding the parts and enjoying the new build. On a related note...I am going to enjoy every step of my new build! I’m sooo excited when I walk in the shipyard with my new lady...and all the problems she is going to cause!!! Haha. Sanding...sanding... Moving on.
  7. Hi Peter - those are interesting clips you used for clamping. Do you know where you got them or what they are called? They look like they don't have hard 'jaws'.
  8. Hi all, Since my build log will be one of many Syren build logs...I don't wish to muddy the waters by posting the 'new box' pictures! I think people have seen enough. But I can post a couple of updates. (pics to follow later on 1) The USS Syren kit arrived in good shape from Model Expo but a couple of the parts, namely the bulkhead former (BF) and larger frames were badly warped. I contacted Model Expo and they immediately shipped replacement parts which came within the week! Great response time...and no 'pink' wood. I checked the BF right off and was satisfied it was fairly true. - Overall, kit looks pretty good! 2) Having unboxed and verified the parts, I realized later that I'd inadvertently trashed the part with the stem/stern pieces. I felt like an idiot...and Model Expo was, again, both swift and accommodating. They sent me a replacement - no questions asked. I'm not in the habit of destroying a model kit before I've started to build it...that was a first. =-) 3) I only worked with basswood on the Sultana, and never having laid my hands on any other types of wood aside from some walnut (awful stuff. I decided to invest in some sample pieces of Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Boxwood (now back in stock) from Syren. The investment would pay dividends and it gives me some options in messing around with something other than my surplus of basswood strips. Besides, it's not like the wood has an expiry! - After looking at the boxwood, I can understand what the excitement is about...it's very nice wood. Tight grain, holds an edge, cuts like butter, doesn't have that 'hairy' look after you sand it...wow! Ship build update (pics later): - Built a simple stand from scrap wood similar to other folks on this forum to keep my little Syren upright as I start working on getting her skeleton together - Cut out the frames and started sanding off the char - not too much sanding! But...I see lot's of sanding...in my future
  9. In truth...I forgot to bring it! Plan to bring it next month for sure! On a a side note...the Admiral approved of my choice to switch from the Stuart Royal Yacht to the USS Syren about 5 minutes after we visited the USS Constitution last month in Boston!!! LOL...lesson learned...take your wife on visits to historic ships. 😁
  10. Absolutely stunning work! I’m just starting mine and have been reading your build log...what a fantastic work of art to be incredibly proud of!!!
  11. Hi All! Well, as promised, I decided to start my next ship after a brief hiatus following the launch of my HMS Sultana. But...I decided to follow other folks who jumped into the USS Syren! It really seemed like the best choice for a number of reasons. - The Sultana gave me a good base for my skill set, but the Syren will expand on it in a step wise manner (Gaff rigged schooner to a more complex Brig) - The Syren and Sultana are built at the same scale, giving me a bit more confidence in applying what I learned building the Sultana - The Syren will be my first plank on bulkhead (POB), and represents a new skillset I have yet to really develop - namely planking - There are a lot fo great completed build logs on the Syren here...so lots of immediate knowledge from other modelers just a click away - The practicum written Chuck Passaro for the USS Syren is priceless! I work a lot, and during my Sultana build the various 'breathers' I took did not slow me down, since the practicum gave me a mental placeholder and seamless way to pick up where I left off without breaking stride. (In other words, the practicum I think really aids those modelers who often need to step away for weeks or months occasionally!) So...it's from here that I will start my new Syren build. Moving on...

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