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  1. Hey again sailors After long break and bad weather its time to put the Corsair again to the shipyard. One side is done and the other is almost "closed". Sanding & putty coming soon hehe Regards, Rainbow
  2. Looking forward for that build as well - I myself was interest at it at some point but then decided that I need to finish Corsair first hehe.
  3. Hey folks, Steve, I'm interested in your log as well as in the model itself which I was considering to do in my break period from Corsair May I use this opportunity and ask you what do you think about the model quality? The instructions? Since eventually I'll pretty much just follow them and use what's inside the box and will be more than happy to get some feedback
  4. Hey guys, Small updates from the hot summer days There will be sanding as usual + I already got 250ml of wood putty hehe
  5. Just a quick update - I didn't give up from the project just it turns out after spring I get very busy - new job, some vacation and stuff so most likely will continue the build in autumn-winter season hah...
  6. Hey Joe, Yeah I think as well I'll need some sander soon since it's annoying and really slowly to do this manually (feasible but still...). If you have such disk sander -> I see it's application but for example how I'll sand the planking (or balsa wood below it if needed) with it? Can't really imagine that. @Elijah - you mean hand dremel with some Sanding Disc/Sanding Band? That might be more useful I guess. Or might continue with this haha
  7. Thank you Joe! Much appreciated the good words I also use few time my clothes iron (+ soaking the wood when used). Such tool might be useful in the future as well I guess -> I'm also wondering is there cheap power tool for sanding because sometimes it's really annoying?
  8. You will Elijah! You've already read a lot about the process so I have no doubts about that
  9. Not the best job for sure but I'm happy that I finally have some progress with the planking Hopefully with improve it in the end by sanding + some filling and with the second planking.
  10. I made the final balsa wood filling and it's time to see what I can do about planking It won't be the best job you've seen around here but honestly I don't have more patient working around with balsa and fillers
  11. Lots of sanding and cutting but I think it looks much better now and should have let's say more easier and pleasant planking I guess
  12. I mean about the wood stripes for the planking - do I still need to soak them in water and then use the above bending tool or just use the tool right away From this video I get the idea I can get without the exposure to water
  13. So after all I decide to follow what everyone said and fill some of the frames. Also I was finally able to manage to obtain 1 balsa wood stripe (1000x100x20 mm). It's a lot easier and faster to work with it The only "problem" is cutting it with the blade might be a little bit picky since it's 20mm width but other than that is pretty easy Also I reuse some of wood that remained Also I'm expecting few more tools one of which is this one: Do I still need to soak the stripes when using it (ended with them instead of the heat one kit that I posted before)?
  14. Absolutely marvelous job :im Not Worthy: Looking forward to see it finished as well. BTW how much time it took you till now?
  15. Hmm can you point where exactly (like with picture)? Since where I put it right now was already runway through the entire frame (by the kit and so was in the manual.
  16. So that's my first tries with soaking them in water + iron later one And my first experience with planking and the master strake I'm not too sure so can you tell me if it lines OK or require some corrections? Regards
  17. Thanks for the hints paulv1958! Just once again why I shouldn't use nails during planking? Won't be better if I combine nails + glue? As for the balsa I agree but unfortunately I find it kind a hard to get some here + the tool for shaping it so I might skip it.
  18. Don't have so much time this week but I'm almost ready for the planking Few details remains + the final sanding/shaping of the frame and it's about time to see the planking business
  19. As you might have guess I had the same issues on the other side as well Not so bad from the inside: Hopefully all this stuffs will be covered good after the final planking/lining Of course as with all parts until now, the fitment remains a problem... Same for the stern: For which I also had a bending problem P.S.: Can you recommend me a tool (even with link) that is used to bend such parts or all parts? Because I start to get the feeling that without such tool it's pretty much impossible not to break them
  20. Thanks for the info Paul! Actually to prove you are right today I had the first "mistake" Which kind a make me angry/upset. But then I remembered I've seen that in another build log and I think I manage to fix the problem Now I'm working on the other side and I know it will be tight fit but I hope everything turns out just right Will keep you up to date guys
  21. Definitely will need to think about that... Meanwhile few pics of the tools that I currently have and last work done on the Corsair (from now I see that more sanding is coming haha )
  22. I have a questions for you guys - do I need some tools for bending planks (cause currently I don't have such). Also can I go without the balsa wood (since once again I don't have it as well) but I see lots of build logs here use it? Also when I tried to check these: I had the feeling they will break. How you bend them without braking them Also what types of clamps are used when you glue them?
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