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  1. Artesania Latina HMS Surprise & case. This is my first build of a wood ship model. I have some wood work experience but was surprised at how little I knew when it came to modelling. It is built mostly from the kit. I did add the cabin interior and the captains "seat of ease" as well as two more boats. Lots of mistakes but I think I learned a lot from this build.


    The case is my design. I wanted the case to be a book shelf for the set of Patrick O'Brian novels as well as the ships display. It is made from wood I had left over from a construction project. The frame is Douglas fir floor boards, the water effect is Western red cedar recycled from my deck rails and the ship worm eaton boards I found at the beach. The lower frame is cedar and the shelves fir.













  2. I use WRC for some parts that I may need on my ships. My home is surrounded in a Western red cedar forest. The best is "old growth" which has fine grain and is a deeper red. This may be carved and used, better when fresh. "Second growth" is a lighter colour and has a wider grain. Second growth is not very good. As someone else said yellow cedar carves very nicely. WRC (old growth) is used all the time for kayaks and canoes. Our craft is just smaller. I try to get my wood as mill off cuts and waste as our old growth forests are disappearing.
  3. I found a 1:48 scale cello and violin that I just must get into my HMS Surprise. I like detail though I would not be a bolt counter about it. I understand the work that goes into a craft such as ours and would enjoy the results regardless of the detail. The elegance of simplicity is just as attractive as the super detailed.
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