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  1. This kit is in my stash as well, so I’ll follow along with interest too. Looks like you’re off to a great start so far, Bradley.
  2. John, Do you have the complete instructions for this? I ask because I too have built this Orrery and had no difficulty with getting things to go together correctly. If you do not have them, I can send you a PDF copy of them.
  3. Sorry to hear of your back pain issues Nenad, but glad to see you back posting again. Hope your health continues to improve.
  4. Hello Jay and welcome to MSW. You’ll find a strong contingent of us Aussies here. You’ve joined a very friendly and supportive forum too. There are plenty of build logs for your Cutty Sark here, so a wealth of information from those who have trodden your particular path before. Please do start your own build log too - you will find it the most valuable tool in your toolbox.
  5. Love your thinking about retirement Chuck. I just did the same thing - turned 60 just before Christmas and retired then. Been so busy since then I don’t know how I ever had time for work! It seems the majority of your customers would prefer you to keep making blocks than rope and I can understand that. For those of us fortunate enough to to already have the equipment required for making blocks, a good tutorial on your methods MIGHT ease some of the demand. I know from personal experience that once one understands your methodology and the sizing formula, it really isn’t that difficu
  6. Very nice work so far Andrew. Thanks for taking the time to provide so much detail in how you have approached the build - I’m sure it will be helpful to many, me included as I have this kit in my stash. I’ll continue to follow your build with interest.
  7. Good decision Chuck and what a shame that some people are now panic buying everything else. Hope that things settle for you soon to allow you to focus on the aspects of the business that YOU want to focus on. Having been the beneficiary of your tuition on block making many years ago, I fully support the release of a tutorial. You are absolutely correct in that it is not a difficult process - once you know how. A little practice and anyone can churn out their own “Chucky blocks” to their hearts content.
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