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  1. Thanks Ryland, It feels good to have reached this point after so long. By the way, your own excellent build log is serving as a key point of reference for me - invaluable!
  2. Thank you for your kind comment Merriann and welcome to MSW. As Bob has said above, the most valuable tool in your toolbox will be your build log. I would encourage you to start one for your current build - it doesn't matter that you are already well into the build. A small update... Having decided to go ahead with the Naphthol Red colour, many very thin layers were applied to the top of the cap rail and the inboard sheer strake. Having not used this painting method before, I was somewhat apprehensive to begin with but quickly overcame that as I saw the colour bui
  3. Thanks very much Ryland. The paint is looking quite nice as is, so I'm reluctant to do anything to it that might change that! I'd been thinking along the same lines regarding the friezes. I just did a test on them with WOP and found that it did smudge the colour. Then I found a can of spray matte finish in the cupboard - the can says it is specifically designed for "all papers & boards, drawings, layouts, artwork, prints, photographs and maps". That will be my next test.
  4. Thanks for the kind comments and opinions on colour choice. I've almost finished painting the cap rail - lost count of the number of coats, but it's somewhere between 12 and 20..... I would never have thought of this painting technique before but it certainly works well and is not at all hard to do once you get going. I've been using a "wet palette", which I think really helps as well. I have a quick question (actually two questions) for Chuck and/or any of you who have been down this path already. 1. Once the cap rail painting is completed (using acrylic paint), is i
  5. Sorry to hear about the health issues Bob - particularly with the whole COIVD thing happening in the background around you as well. Take your time coming back - we'll be waiting when you're ready, some of us more patiently than others.....😉 Glad to hear you've picked up your guitar again in the meantime. One should always have music in one's life.
  6. Looking good. And you're quite right about enjoying the build rather than chasing perfection - that way madness lies!
  7. Thanks Rusty and Bob, and also all of the likes. The new stock of monofilament fishing line has finally arrived, so I’ll now be able to complete the “nailing” of the hull. While I was waiting for the post to arrive, I went ahead and completed the bolsters and the thinning of the cap rail and frames. The bolsters were quite tricky, as anyone who has reached this point before me will attest. Chuck even went so far as to provide six blanks in the kit to make the two bolsters required – and it’s just as well that he did. I started on the starboard side and blew two attempts before gett
  8. Sorry to hear of your accident. Always remember that every power tool in your workshop is actively trying to murder you!
  9. Nice to see you start on this one Ken. I’ll follow along too as I’m not too far ahead of you - at my usual building pace, you’ll overtake me in no time!
  10. Sorry to hear of your personal troubles Tom - hope things get sorted soon for you. On the CA glue side of things, try using a respirator with an organic vapour filter - it’s about the only way I can use the stuff without making myself seriously ill for several days.
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