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  1. Thanks guys, Bob - yes, the Model Motorcars stuff is very expensive and one could easily spend waaay to much on “upgrades”. I think there are a few that are really worthwhile (like the steering wheel) and then there are a lot that one might question whether they are really necessary. And there will be differences between the various kits as to which fall into which category. Paul Koo advises making these decisions at the start of the build. Good advice - but if you have no previous experience, it can be difficult to know where to draw the line. It’s compounded for me because of the
  2. A Minor Update I have decided not to install the body work until the steering wheel is in place, and I can’t do that until the centre hub arrives. This was ordered on Sep 08 and made it as far as Miami FL by Sep 09. There has been no tracking movement since, so I’m kinda stuck until the postal system works itself out. In the meantime, I’ve finished off all the remaining small bits of work that I could. First up, I decided to temporarily connect the Headlight wiring to test that to see if it works. As you can see in the picture below, it does!
  3. Ric - no primer/base is required at all. This was sprayed on bare plastic. Tests I’ve watched on YouTube show basically no difference if a black base is used first. I know that with the Vallejo Metal Colours, they call for a gloss black base primer, but this stuff just doesn’t seem to need it.
  4. Tom, Those paint sets always look attractive but may prove to be a false economy. I’d be more inclined to buy the individual paints that you need at the time, or for a given project. You’ll soon end up with a large selection anyway, but they will all be colours that you will actually use. You may also find that you use different brands for different purposes too.
  5. Bob, This is the stuff: https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87203/index.htm
  6. Alan, You could also try some chrome plating yourself using a relatively inexpenisve kit. Here’s a snippet from my experience doing this on my Chris Craft runabout: Chrome Plating - First Adventures To complete both the Wheel assembly and the Cutwater, some chrome plating was called for. Following the lead of others over on the RC Groups forum, I acquired a Caswell Chrome Plating Kit. It was relatively inexpensive and, as it turned out, quite easy to use. The kit consists of a small transformer with two leads extending from it. The black lead has an alligato
  7. I somehow missed the start of this log Sjors. It’s good to see you back and building again. Your Flirt is coming along very nicely indeed.
  8. Thanks Bob. The Molotov comes in 3 sizes of paint pen (1mm, 2mm and 4mm) and then there is the Refill, which is what I have used here (in the photo). The refill has a screw cap over a fine hole/spout. After shaking well, simply unscrew the cap and pour directly into the airbrush cup. Some people dismantle the paint pens to access the paint but why bother going to the extra expense and trouble when the refill is available and so easy to use? It is more expensive to buy but holds a lot more paint (30ml), so more economical in the long run. The Tamiya masking sheet comes in a roll wi
  9. Painting the Chrome Trim The Molotow Liquid Chrome paint arrived the other day, along with another essential supply – masking tape designed to go around curves: The most difficult part of this job was probably the masking up. I needed to make sure that the Chrome was going to go only where I wanted it and nowhere else. The curved masking tape is brilliant stuff – it feels like a plastic tape (a little like electricians’ tape) and really does allow you to conform to curves. I used this as an initial mask close up against the curves, then overlai
  10. Harder and Steenbeck Airbrushes are very nice (probably at the upper end of the price range). I have the H&S Infinity CR+ and it is an absolute joy to use, as well as being a work of art in itself. Mine came with two needle/nozzle sets - a 0.4mm and a 0.15mm. I’ve only used the 0.4mm to date. It also came with two different sized colour cups - 2mm and 5mm - and I do use both of these.
  11. You know what they say Hank - if there’s no photo, it didn’t happen...........just sayin’...............
  12. I’ll pull up a chair for this one too Tom - I’ve fond memories of several trips to Venice over the years.
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