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  1. Was interested, and came across this at Royal Museums Greenwich. Kind of pricey though. Maybe they have other drawings? https://prints.rmg.co.uk/products/lines-plan-of-ss-great-eastern-1858-j8703
  2. She is looking great Chris! Reading here about roof straps etc I thought people might be interested in my personal history of roof topping canoes: 1978 Tercel Roof had rain gutters. Bought four foam pads shaped to fit round gunwales and two tie-down straps which hooked on gutters at Canadian Tire; total cost about $26. 1989 Accord Wagon By then car roofs had no gutters. Had to buy a set of Thule bars and four mounting "blocks" custom for the vehicle which clamped on above windows; total cost about $400. 2004 Sienna Van Bought in 20
  3. BrunelRussell, I'd love to see a build log for the Great Eastern; hope you start one!
  4. My God!!! Cat bites are always potentially infecting but your cure looks much worse.....hope it heals quickly. A few years ago I just shaved the skin off the end of a finger tip on a table saw; it took years for the nerves to feel normal again. (Amazing how the fingerprint whorls regenerate!)
  5. HAHA!! It certainly does; haven't seen that stuff for forty years 😀 I take it you too are retired from the high tech industry 🤪
  6. Plastic deadeye usefulness depends on their molding method. If they don't have the groove round the perimeter it is very very difficult to seize the shrouds onto them; just ask any Heller Victory builder 🙄. But it looks like your lower deadeyes did have the groove for the strop. Are you blocks a step above the Revell blocks with their molded loop for a strop? If you're happy with the colour of the plastic parts, just coat them with "matt varnish" Humbrol or such. Ship looks great BTW
  7. It will look great Chris! Interlux is nice paint. I used it too, on my dinghy sailboat.
  8. While waiting for my brass eyes and tubing to arrive, I decided to create a rigging spreadsheet to find out how many blocks I need. I just came up with 384 (Yikes!!!!). That is more than I used on the Heller Victory (310) and what's more they're all at the small end of the size range used on Victory. Thank God I already decided to omit the 126 buntlines. There is no "Longridge Equivalent" information for the Preussen as Underhill does not detail block sizes. I eyeballed blocks against the spars to try to keep them reasonable looking while not using too many tiny tiny ones. I ende
  9. Chuck and B.E., I'm sure if you make enquiries you could find someone to 3D-print some 1/24 scale oarsmen for you. And a queen and maybe a duke in attendance...........
  10. As others have said, what you need to do is follow Longridge who is specific to Victory, instead of trying to cover all cases as in some other books. The 213 in the first picture would appear to be a standing lift and is bogus. Forget about it. In the case of the topgallant lifts, the four thimbles and two blocks cover both sides. Each side has a thimble in a strop round the mast which holds the standing end of the lift. The lift runs through a block tied to the yard, then back up through a thimble seized between the 1st and 2nd topgallant shrouds, then down to the mast top where i
  11. I'm busy adding eyebolts all over the place on the masts and spars of a Heller Preussen. I bought a fair amount of 42lpi chain (finest I could find) for the chain sheets which I planned to rig on the three lower yards at least. Upper spars are too fine to add eyes large enough for even this chain which is a bit large for the scale. Anyway my question is this: I'm rigging without sails. In the case of upper topsail and upper topgallant, there are no clewlines since the respective yards are lowered to take in the sail as opposed to hauling the sail up to the yard. But thi
  12. I agree that hobby shops are scarce on the ground now compared to the 70's - 80's. I am lucky in that I have two excellent hobby shops within 5km here in west Ottawa, and another downtown. One specializes in RC, mainly planes but some power boats, with lots of stock of electronics. The other specializes in plastic models, lots of cars, planes, tanks, and a few boats. Downtown has trains and plastic models. I try to buy from the two nearby when possible - paint, glue, evergreen, brass extrusions. But model ships are a niche, model sailing ships are an even narrower niche. None of th
  13. I have bought here in the past and like them very much. I cannot understand why shipping something from the UK to Canada is often far cheaper than from the USA to Canada. I've experienced this with model parts, books, and kits (not all from CMB!). I also liked The Model Dockyard but Nick recently retired...
  14. Thank you Vic and Cirdan! I wanted to move on to the topgallant mast fittings but I am now out of etched brass eyes. Waiting for an order to arrive. Not sure what to do on the ship in the meantime.... Oh, and I finally got a COVID shot - Pfizer - yesterday. My arm's a bit sore today but I'm happy!
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