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  1. Greeting Art,


    Just wanted to say I have been following and researching your Titanic build log http://www.titanicmodel.net/ for a while now and I have to say, your model and modeling skills are nothing short of incredible! After I finish up my Hasegawa Akagi in 1/350 scale I'm planning on tackling the Minicraft Titanic. Also, your library reference was very helpful and I ordered the books you recommended on your site. One book, in particular, the two-volume set of 'Titanic - The Ship Magnificient' by Bruce Beveridge is just fantastic! Anyway, hope all is well. 

  2. Greetings - this is not a build log per se but the website for the completed model, which has over 12 pages of build photos and explanations of what was done and how. Plus, of course, finished model photos. www.titanicmodel.net Regards Art Braunschweiger Forum administrator, please move this to the appropriate location if it doesn't belong here.
  3. Interesting you should reply, Mark - I found your photos of this build elsewhere on this forum and they're what got me excited about the prospect of working with this kit. Your detail and execution is superb. Thanks for sharing. I have an email out to the naval architectural firm that designed the reconstructed Atlantic to inquire as to the hull color in their rendering. Will advise what they say. Art
  4. Right, I noticed that too, but the hull in the model is clearly green; there's no way that the color in such a high-resolution photo could be so far off. On the other page, I was referring to the artist's rendition below the photograph showing the red antifouling. It's also green in that image. Art
  5. Hello. I'm leaning towards building the Blue Jacket kit of the schooner Atlantic, and hope someone can shed some light on something I found curious. One website below shows an obviously professional build, perhaps of the same kit, and the second (scroll further down the page) has an artist's rendering of the reconstruction of the original. On both, the underwater part of the hull is dark green. Why is that, when the antifouling was red? I think the green color is striking below the black, so if there's any justification for painting it as such, that's the way I'd go. Thanks Art
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