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  1. Hello to everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve attempted o post anything. I’ve been busy on a few points on the ship, with fitting pieces and then tearing them out again to try another way. As you can see the ships boat has morphed into its own imaginary design. Looking at the work of others really helps the imagination. The ships boat got rebuilt or redesigned during building several times. I’m real pleased with its look.
  2. A small update using my wife's tablet. All my I Pad wants to give me is a black screen. As you can see I've added the black and red paint. I had been putting it off for somereason, but not sure why. Now I'm glad that I have gotten this small part over with. I have also added some inner planking to the bulworks. The instructions did not show this being done but it looked like something I might like. Still a few other trial and error ideas in my head that may also be done. One thing I am going to do is listen to what NBROOK said on his build about how much gets tied off to the rails and sinking the pillars deeper. I've got an idea for that,now just to try it and see if it works. Till later. Michael
  3. Thanks Mumin for the video. There are toys that I like to make, and that will help with wheels and other parts. I've also been thinking about how to make a turntable to mount my builds on to help with the work.
  4. Hello ,it's been awhile since I last posted. But I've still been busy on my Sovereign. A little here and there as the nights and energy allows. Summers been a bit hot this year and being 57 and still doing construction I'm going alittle slower by the time I get home. Still the work goes on. I have to admit that I've been watching others more than building,looking for ideas to add to the detail on my ship. I did not like the way my gunports looked so I ended up removing all the gunports that I had already glued into place and going a little larger. Now they look better. I had the idea of framing them in with a bit of an edge protruding out. The next day while looking around the forum I found a Sovereign with the same type of gunports. They looked real good. So as you can see I started down that path. The one port is just stuck in to show the start of my frames. They are just started, I still have to finish shaping the outer frame. I plan to round off the outer edges then install the inner frames. Then I'll put the completed piece into the port. You can see my jig for the shaping consistent size squares, plus my homemade cutting jig for the pieces to use. Also my miter saw had gotten quite dull so I took one of my scrollsaw blades and made me a saw to use. It actually works better than the other saw. I'm thinking of shaping one to the size of a number 11blade to fit my knife handle.
  5. Thanks Elijah,I have a great gal and life. Plus she approves of my hobby. Mike
  6. Well besides growing older, birthdays have other uses. My wife got me another piece for my Boatcave, and pop gave me a Dremel kit. Does anyone know what the long silver contraption does? Now to get other goodies. Plus my cake loaded with lots of different chocolate. Till later Mike.
  7. Yeah Sjors I did not like the look of things so I stopped and went to bed. I have a four day weekend so I'm going to go back over everything till it's right. This is to nice a build to not invest whatever time it takes. And the reason I have four days is my boss gave me Friday for my birthday. So sawdust and puppies. And with the measures you gave me I'll compare to mine to see how far off I'm. Thanks for the advice. Mike
  8. EJ_L I have two evenings in the measuring and marking and that is just the one side. Plus I'm still not pleased with the upper line. But patience will win out in the end. Mike
  9. Hi Sjors, thanks for the advice. As you can see I have drawn my lines and gun ports. It took me two tries before it was correct. The very upper ports do not look right to me. I will do as you suggest and fit my cannons first and see how they line up. Then I will proceed. My dad came over yesterday to checkout my ships. It's nice to se his amazement at my work.
  10. Hi Sjors my wife has seen blue used and we both like the way it looked. On mine I'm going to use different wood on the upper second planking.I think it's the bulwarks just not sure of all the nautical terms yet. Later Mike.
  11. Hi Sjors, I'm glad to see your way of marking the gun ports. As I am going to be doing my Sovereigns gun ports in the next week, it gives me a type of roadmap to go by. Are you doing any extras in your Sovereign build as you advance forward? I'm thinking of having my lowest gun deck with all of the doors in the closed position to give it some contrasting view. Till later Mike.
  12. Hi Dave this is RedDawg. Quite a few years ago when I was into plastic, before I got converted to wood, I was a member of IPMS. When I entered my builds in the competition during the closed door judging I won a couple of awards. But when one of the judges found out that I was a long haired bearded biker, he pulled my awards and told me I didn't really win. It was just a mistake in where the awards were placed. Two of them. When one of the other judges caught on to what was going on he corrected things. And then told me it was my being a biker that caused the problem. I told them that it was just a part of the lifestyle I chose, and did not bother me any. Just another day of life. Michael By the way I am building the Sovereign myself and you scratch builds have changed the way I am going to do my build. So thanks to you scratch builders my skill level is growing.
  13. I agree with what you said about MSW, I thought building out of the box was plenty. Then I got a telescope and saw the DARK SIDE. Now I'll never be the same. My first try at POF is the Triton cross section. Then who knows? Mike
  14. Well the planking and sanding of the first layer is complete. Hurrah!! Now for some of my other side work to begin. Mike

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