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  1. Hello Jandrus. A Warm welcome, I will follow your log with interest. An historical correction as Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer on behalf of the Portuguese Crown. Portugal was not part of Spain at that time, in fact the short lived Iberian Union only lasted from 1580 ton1640.
  2. Modeler for many years, mostly plastic and model railways.  I did my first wooden kit, the Dutch Botter from Artesania Latina when I was about 18....never finished it.  I was at the time really not confortable in working with wood. After so many years I have now the will to start a new modeling journey with wood kits. My goal is to build is to go step by step with a first model that I can feel excited about.  Ultimately I would want to build a Portuguese ship from the 18th century,  most likely a Corvette (Andorinha comes to mind) a Frigate (Rainha dos Anjos comes to mind), or if I can get there, building the flagship second rate ship of the line, the 90 cannon Principe Real  


    Currently I am preparing my first serious built,  Flirt from Vanguard Models.

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