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  1. Hi Ras, thanks for your kind words. I made a lot of mistakes so far, but I feel happy with the progress, definitively learning a lot with this build.
  2. I have been progressing slowly, but here are some pictures of where I stand today.
  3. I decided to paint the Zulu in its Black/white/red scheme. I wander what is the right sequence for masking and painting but I just followed the manual and painted the hull red with the Liquitex spray can. This paint is quite nice, it flows easily and has no strong odour. I did 6 coatings..... sanded in between..... but still could not achieve the smooth surface I saw in other logs..... When trying to use wood filler I found it adhered very poorly to the surface, and so did not really worked. I wander what is the best technique here, but of course making a better planking job than
  4. In the meantime I have been struggling with the paint job. First because shops have been closed is not easy to find the right paints online, specially because I was looking for spray cans and could not find the right color tone for oxide red here in Switzerland. I did find this one but was not acrylic and I did not want to work with solvent based paints. After a lot of searching I found the range of paints Liquitech in an online art materials shop. But I could only find white matt in a revell brand While I waited for th
  5. In the meantime I finished the first and second planking. I am glad I choose the Zulu to start with and not a bigger model, as I did a few too many mistakes along the way. Still I am happy with the final result. This was my first ever exercise in planking, and I learned a lot while doing this. These are some photos of the first planking, I will post photos of the finished sanded 2nd planking tomorrow.
  6. Thanks B.E., this is very helpful. I reached out to a few booksellers for Sailing Drifters so hope to get my hands on a copy soon.
  7. The hull is almost ready for planking. I will still need to do a few checks before starting that. It will be my first planking ever, and I look forward for it. While I make a pause to breathe before planking, I have been looking at the possible color patterns for this model. I came across the beautiful Fifie The Swan, launched in 1900, restored and re-launched in 1996, at a venerable age of 96, as a training ship. It has a beautiful bright green/white/red pattern which caught my eye. I am also toying with the idea of not hav
  8. Made some progress on the hull construction. The bevelled inserts (parts 16-19) were a bit difficult to slide in, and I had to remove a bit of the glue overflow that had accumulated when I glued the bulkheads in order to make it fit. Here is the structure before adding the main sub deck. I noticed the sub deck was marked with the number 26 not sure why as it is listed as part 33FT. I had some trouble in installing it as I was afraid of bending it, but it did snap into place, though one of the bulkhead tabs snapped out. These will be removed
  9. I will certainly have a look at other possibilities for the color scheme ! For now I am eager to start. The kit is wonderful, the manual is very detailed and the step by step instructions are super clear. I made the right choice. I also got another kit from Vanguard Models, the Flirt which I hope to build in the future, but it seemed prudent to start with a smaller kit.... The first step is the superstructure. I only had some issues with the small pegs, but all fits very well. I assembled it first for a dry fit: here from the top
  10. Not sure what went wrong, but I was able to solve it. I have a mac, and made an airdrop from my iphone to my iMac but for some reason the image got corrupted. I just now saved it normally again and could post it finally. The Picture resizer application looks nice, will try and install it on my work pc. thanks !
  11. Can somebody help me on these questions ? Is there a preferred format to post pictures and what is the size limit allowed ? How do I actually insert an image on a post, I have just started a build log but when attaching the file the picture is not shown - just the file name as an attachment. I attached the same image to this post and as you can see it only shows the attachment name.... I tried with different file extensions (png, jpg) and can not just have the image shown. workspace.heic
  12. I have recently came back in to this hobby again, after a long absence. Finally I could set up a small area on the storage room. There is no heating though so I have been waiting for the last few months to start.... And speaking of that after several months of reviewing options, the Zulu Lady Isabella from Vanguard Models caught my eye. Such an elegant boat, I am planning to make build it with the optional sails and with the red/black/white color scheme. I am not sure if other patterns were common, I could not find pictures of Zulus still sailing. Here is the workspace
  13. Hello Jandrus. A Warm welcome, I will follow your log with interest. An historical correction as Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer on behalf of the Portuguese Crown. Portugal was not part of Spain at that time, in fact the short lived Iberian Union only lasted from 1580 ton1640.
  14. Modeler for many years, mostly plastic and model railways.  I did my first wooden kit, the Dutch Botter from Artesania Latina when I was about 18....never finished it.  I was at the time really not confortable in working with wood. After so many years I have now the will to start a new modeling journey with wood kits. My goal is to build is to go step by step with a first model that I can feel excited about.  Ultimately I would want to build a Portuguese ship from the 18th century,  most likely a Corvette (Andorinha comes to mind) a Frigate (Rainha dos Anjos comes to mind), or if I can get there, building the flagship second rate ship of the line, the 90 cannon Principe Real  


    Currently I am preparing my first built,  the Zulu from Vanguard Models.

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