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  1. I need more .25mm brown cotton thread rigging line for a Artesania Latina Bluenose ll kit i'm trying to finish. It's an older kit(10+yrs) but I believe the thread hasn't changed. I bought some from a sourc,but when it arrived it was obviously not what the packaging said it was. It is actually (too smal) and I'm having a hard time finding the correct line. Does anyone out there have some of this that they are willing to sell and ship To Canada ,Quebec , Any help is appreciated as this has my project on hold until I can get more. Felix Nadeau
  2. Bonjour John, si il te reste une ou deux verge du fil de coton brun .25 mm de Artasania Latina, il m'en manque un peu pour terminer mes haubans de mon Bluenose ll moi aussi c'est un vieux kit et le fil à changer depuis


    Felix Nadeau

    Quebec Canada

  3. Felix:

    I have the instructions en francais and would be happy to send them to you if I had your mailing address.  I have found my english copy.

    GBE ebedw@hotmail.com

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