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  1. Mr. Closehaul You made an amazing piece of maritime decoration. Hull lines are very elegant! I guess it´s a unique piece since there are a just few Atlantic’s to see. I really like the ships selection from Bluejacket. I would bet that you enjoy looking your accomplishment every single day! Eduardo
  2. I´ve also rescribed the deck lines. since it was printed. I´ve sanded off the printed lines intended for the deck furniture for the Dapper Tom configuration The balsa wood Deck provided in this kit is kind of die cut and I used this "half cut" lines as guides for rescribing using a fine pencil.
  3. Good Morning! I hope that everyone on this site is ok in regard of the Covid-19. On my side with more time for my model. I´m continuing with the Deck, shaping the entrance for the Rudder.
  4. Template pieces is also balsa wood on one side is much softer to shape, but for bending with the Aeropiccola bender it doesn't work well. The wood of the Scientific kit America that I have in this blog was much better.
  5. The shape of the Dapper Tom´s Bow is more extended, but since the Balsa Wood (Like the wood from the Guillows Plane kits) is way much softer, it won´t be a big challenge to shape it.
  6. Hi Lads I'm starting this build log of a conversion from the scientific Kit, the Dos Amigos, into another Baltimore Clipper, the Dapper Tom. I've got this kit from eBay and I also go the Model Shipways Kit in a much larger Scale from the same source. I like more cannons, and since the solid hull of the Scientific Kit is balsa wood, I'm going to make the conversion. I hope you enjoy this adventure.
  7. Thanks a lot Richard! I reallyenjoy your craftmanship working on this beatifull metal details.
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