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  1. Hello Allan, I actually thought at first that you meant the scaled dimensions... silly me. however thank you for your corrections! since the model that i am talking about is 1:64, i did manage to do the calculation that you recommended me to do, so 10/64 , 0.15 X 2.54 mm =0.4 cm or 4 mm for the width and more importantly since i have to deal with the cards i was given i.e (Amati's deck planks) the length was more important,, the over all length of the keel is 26.5 cm. so i divided it 26.5/3 gave me 8 cm approx for each beam... Thanks y'all will publish my log soon...
  2. Hello Allan i read again your reply! So, i read it again... And I guess that the measurement that you indicated for the planking is in Inches, do you know how much would it be in centimeters? Thanks, David
  3. Thank you so much for your fast and detailed answers ..more than anything, i think a real deck plan for such a detailed model could have been nice, so i appreciate your different views, i believe it will help somehow to solve this issue in order to move forward! BTW just learned a new word 'joggling' :-) David
  4. Hello all I am currently building the victory (Amati) Lady Nelson kit, which is a lovely kit indeed ( i will upload soon a building log & photos to share) right now i encountered a problem with the deck planking, because sadly there is no such thing in Lady Nelson instructions. So i need your help at this point, if someone here has a plan to share of how to lay the deck planking of this particular model BTW i tried to read the manual of Ulises Victoria but still didn't really figure out what to do! David
  5. looks like a great historical adventure! good luck with these kits!
  6. Patrick your work Looks just like a masterpiece ! i was amazed to watch the stages and progress of your work, can hardly wait for the next stages.. i am sure we could all learn from your skills, All the beat David
  7. From what i know Amati kits are considered to be mostly good (really depends on the particular mode) as for the Amati-Victory Granado, this model belongs to a special line of models designed by Chris Watton, all of the models in this series are said to be of very high quality i.e.Lady Nelson, Pegasus, Mercury etc
  8. welcome to MSW , good luck with your new build, and congrat for joining, its a great place to be !, David
  9. Hello to all Not that topic again!! but yes unfortunately have you noticed the sharp raise in the kit prices of Caldercraft that happened in last week or so? (taking my information from http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/ ) What do you make of that? what do you think? will the prices stay like that from now on? why all the price 'updating' are on the increase? what about other companies? Is there anyway to change this? this is a major block in buying new models.. David
  10. Hoping and wishing a full recovery and good health for you Be well
  11. Looking great, this sciabbaco model looks so realistic with so many fine details, very nice achivement !
  12. Your models look just wonderful ! keep up the good work and next projects! and welcome to MSW best regards, David

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