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  1. Thanks Barbarossa, I am pleased with it too. I was quite surprised when it won the Best Paint award at the Manitowoc NRG Contest in 2018. So I guess you are in agreement with the judges. Thanks again for your comments, and if you have any photos on this website--or any other--please let me know.
  2. Thanks, gents, Your feedback is very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks, CDW. It's the 1/350 Trumpeter kit.
  4. This is my rendition of Trumpeter's 1/350 kit, which depicts the Japanese heavy cruiser Mogami after the refits that turned her from her original form into an aircraft-carrying cruiser. To build this model I added 823 scratch-built and aftermarket pieces to 502 parts from the kit. It took 1,011 hours to complete.
  5. Built very cleanly and with finesse. Nice details and rigging. 👍 Is this the new tool version or the older kit?
  6. USS Arizona October 13, 1941 This is my rendition of the 1/200 Trumpeter plastic model kit, enhanced with 825 aftermarket and scratch built pieces. The model took 2,434 hours to build.
  7. Question from a newbie: Under "Profile" there is a heading called "My Attachments". What is it used for? TIA
  8. Hi all, I am new to the site and would like to add some info to my Profile. I was able to get my map location in, but can't figure out how to identify myself as an NRG member. I'd also like to mention what I am currently working on and what albums I have posted in MSW. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks In Advance, ChuckB
  9. Thanks ERS Rich, I clicked on a couple of your albums and came away humbled. Congratulations on creating such an impressive collection. I've been to Massachusetts twice and think it's a great state. Looks like you live in pretty country, northwest of "Wooster." I should also comment on your Profile: Nicely done! I haven't been able to figure out how to put "NRG Member" in mine or how to add those "Currently Constructing" and "Albums" sections. I may ask a moderator for help with that. Cheers, Chuck
  10. Beautiful model and very interesting article! Glad you put your hand in there so we could see how tiny it is. Bravo!
  11. Thanks coxswain--and the others who gave the thumbs-ups!
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