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  1. Hi Steve 

    Was looking for a victory build and stumbled on your victory log,  was blown away fair play on a wicked build,  I've now inspired, bought the Panart Victory and will be starting it in a couple of weeks,  so cheers for the log mate and I hope I can call on you if help is needed. 



  2. Thanks for the comments guys the cub is an absolute buety to fly but only after a lot and I mean a lot of experience I started by flying a foamie orientation was my first hurtle (what way up was it ) after concurring that I soon discovered I'm short sighted (others seemed to fly far away and I thought how can they even see that) after a trip the opiction I purchased some glasses solely for flying later I purchased some ready made almost ready to fly balsa planes the acro wot being one of them people from the uk will be familiar with this plane such a buetifull flyer I later purchased the acro
  3. Allow in the model ship building world at 37 I may be considered young in the computer world I'm still old school in the past week alone I've stormed out of mc Donald's in a huff after not being able to work the self service till and walked out of the local builder supplier after being asked data protection to buy a plank of wood
  4. Jack your a gentleman I was panicking there
  5. Thank you so much chuck my apologies for being so stupid
  6. Help jack or any other reading it's been ages from I've been on here I don't have a clue how to do the pm thing I really don't want to lose the log
  7. Just deleted my whole bounty build accidentally I was trying to mark as complete and choose the first option to edit or whatever came up it did warn me to be carefull this may delete the build etc.,I think the etc. Bit should be left out cause that prompted me to search further resulting in the whole build lost dam shame
  8. Marking this one as complete can't see me adding to it in the future thanks all for following I hope it has helped looking forward to my next ship build all you guys have helped a lot with your suggestions and encouragement many thanks steve
  9. Sails I'm glad I fitted did think about it for along time they can be left furled on the lower mast as I did ,each to there own decision personally I'm glad I chose to go with them
  10. Hello all ive been away for a while from ship building as rc plane building has sparked my interest i thought i would show you all what to expect from a balsa plane kit and how i got on with my first build ,the build itself was quite quick built over the course of a couple of months and very satisfying to see a large airframe come together over the first few weeks ,at about half way into the build i joined a local flying club and knowing what i know now i 100 percent would not have succesfully flown her without there help ,over the course of the past year i have scaled her out a bit and
  11. Hi Nigel ratlines are a strange beast your either in the mood for them or not ,personally I enjoy them you will get a feel for them sometimes there frustrating other times they work ,glad your still enjoying your build it's looking superb
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