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  1. Couldn´t agree more. Japanese carpentry and woodworking are nearly beyond comprehension. To say nothing of design and sense of harmony. The Western world has a lot to learn. Interestingly, all the bigger Japanese style ship model kits (Higaki Kaisen and Kitamae Bune in 1:72, Hacchoro and Yakata bune in 1:24) by Woody Joe are pretty close, all between 417 and 640 mm in length.
  2. Thank you for your choice, Clare. Thank you for starting the build of a good old workhorse. Great photos and interesting reading behind the link you give above. I´d love to build this but the scale.. Anything smaller than 1:50 and I´m looking for an Optiloupe.
  3. The first thing that comes to my mind? Cinema Paradiso and love theme by Ennio Morricone!
  4. I love this. Ein bisschen Frieden, ein bisschen Sonne für diese Erde auf der wir wohnen.. What else do we need? Amore!
  5. Re "split" keels construction method: Basically you punch out the lasercut holes or slots in the keel halves and glue the corresponding tenons of the half frames into them. 1-2 tenons in each frame. I have seen better ideas. As for aligning the parts, keel supports etc you´re on your own. Instructions are very brief.
  6. Hello Gary, whoever designed this kit for BB, must have seen too many half hull models. I cannot see major benefits of this building method. Ships or boats are not built like this in real life or have I missed something? I would start by tracing the keel halves and frames, if not included in the plans. Just in case, if something goes wrong - like resulting in a warped keel. Then you can always buy a piece of good aircraft plywood and make your own parts in any way you like. And forget the splitting even. The trickiest part of this process is glueing the hull halves together. Bef
  7. I know the feeling. It´s almost a pity - to go on. Lovely work, Bobby.
  8. Mooi! Beautiful aak lines as usual. I think you have made a good and rare find. You will get a lot of help from brother Google as well, I´m sure. The kit comes from Authentic Shipmodels Holland, right? Is this the same company as the former Authentic Shipmodels Amsterdam? How would you rate the instructions? Do the plans include bulkheads and bulkhead former? Geluk.
  9. Thank you sir, I don´t like super glues either. Only, mixing two part epoxies is also a messy job. Suites better for larger parts imo. Epoxy is a fairly new idea. I wonder what they used before, say 300 years ago? Another story.
  10. Oh well, how do you glue metal to wood? Based on your experience, please give me a concrete example.
  11. Matter of taste I guess. If it sticks well, it will not come off easily. Not a big deal, if some paper is left inside the hull. Ships were not built from paper but not from plywood either. Thank you everyone.
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