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  1. @Louie da fly Steven, it a master piece! Congrats. She is a beauty and an excellent model, am going to download a few pictures for my archives and I shall also send them to Prof. Maritime archeolol. Demesticha of the Cyprus Univ. She is teaching byz. sea archeol. Great work sir! Christos
  2. @Danstream thank you Dan very nice words indeed! If you dont mind telling you, look up Lionel Casson and Samuel Mark... but always Homer him self. Hope you have a good translation. Christos
  3. @bigpetr thank you for you nice words. The model is scale 1-72. Taking a picture near a coin or figure is too late, the model is allready sealed in its display glass
  4. @mtaylor thank you. It was the only way to present an archetype of all seafarers that before him explored and discovered new places and new sea routes.
  5. Thank you Steven. Great pictures thanks... I might use in my book one of those. Can you please tell a little more over the themrtra Tunisia in order to find the sources?
  6. This is ιστοδόκη (istodoki) the arrangement to store the mast as it was lowered when the ship was parked ashore. Ιστό-ς =mast, δόκη from verb δέχομαι=accept Modern greek = ιστοθήκη, english = mast-holder
  7. @Louie da fly thank you Steven, it seemsyou are right, the thing is "dont concetrade on those small faults, look the whole". Ofcourse youknow that we, the modellers, is part of our masochism to concentrate exactly on our faults even if they are tinny and of no importance.
  8. @Danstream Dan, believe it or not, you just made my day! I was dissapointed with my oar's work. I though they were not good enough reproduced... I thought that was the black ship of this project. But you just made me think better. Thank you for your nice words, I did looked the model again and .... at least you are most persuasive! Vielen dank Christos Ps. For the arrangement of the oars though I had found evidence on vessels showing this , I mostly did so, because as an engineer this is the correct thinking (as you just mentioned above)
  9. Thank you Steven. It seems am at the end, the mast its on its way... And I have pictures which I took myself of the rigging of the Kyrenia replica, so it would not be very hard.
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