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  1. Larry. I just made these hooks out of copper wire. I think it was 0.5 or 0.6mm diameter. I form the hooks using round nose pliers filed down to a small enough diameter. Sorry for being so slow to respond. I took a break from this website for a while. Tim
  2. Great job on this kit by the way. I am currently building it myself. And I really like what you did with yours! Tim
  3. Dear Bishophobbies, Any updates on this project that you are able to share? I am currently building the same kit, and its really helpful seeing what others are doing! I think you have done a brilliant job with it by the way. Its a beautiful model! Tim
  4. Jim. Thanks for sharing these photos of your completed Phoenix. I just spotted them today. They look great. I am currently building the same kit. These are a useful reference point. Tim
  5. Dear Spyglass, Any chance of your Phoenix kit coming out of storage? I am currently building the same kit and really enjoying it. Its a great kit. Tim
  6. Really like what you are doing with this kit Moreplovac... Keep up the good work! I am currently building the same kit - but adapting it quite alot. Its helpful to have this build log as a reference. Tim
  7. Just beautiful. Love it.... Quick question. How did you make the letters for the ships name MERCURY. They are very delicate and look great! Tim
  8. Please do go ahead with this!!! I have this kit on my shelf...and would love to see your progress. Tim
  9. Update on this little project. Reminder that I am building this as a British Brig of late 18th century, not as a Russian ship. (The Master Korabel design is not based on a real Russian ship. There are no historical drawings of the Russian ship Phoenix to base a model on, as far as I am aware). So I feel free to improvise!! I have completed the coppering of the hull. I have finished the treenailing on exposed timber. Beginning to install some moulded rails. Using a neat little scraper I purchased from Falconet's website to give the rails a profile. Note I am not using the material provided in the kit for these rails. Poor quality pictures taken on my phone...but give some idea of progress.
  10. Dear Wefalk, Thanks so much for sharing your secrets with us! The results look fantastic.... Maybe I need to buy a milling machine....but might struggle to explain to my wife that it was a necessary addition to the household in order to make 1mm blocks. By the way I love your Wespe armoured gunboat project....it's beautiful. Thanks, Tim
  11. Dear John Fox III That's really interesting solution! I really like it. Can I ask what sort of models you used these on? Were they 20th century boats or earlier? Or all different sorts? I think I will use/adapt your approach. THANK YOU! Tim
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