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  1. Thanks Mugje for your encouragement. I like your Pegasus build. Looks like a great kit - that you are taking to the next level.
  2. Quick Update. Decking and rails installed. Painted the longboat. Name letters added. Once again discovering that the hardest thing to manage is paint.
  3. Rob, Thanks for your encouragement! I sometimes think ship modelling is not the ideal hobby for someone working six days a week and with kids. Its usually an hour or two late into the evening activity for me...which makes progress slow. Hope ministry is going ok in midst of lockdown. Prayed for you this morning. Are you still at Corsham Baptist (I found you on their website)? Your Ethalion is just splendid btw! Tim
  4. Larry. I just made these hooks out of copper wire. I think it was 0.5 or 0.6mm diameter. I form the hooks using round nose pliers filed down to a small enough diameter. Sorry for being so slow to respond. I took a break from this website for a while. Tim
  5. Great job on this kit by the way. I am currently building it myself. And I really like what you did with yours! Tim
  6. Dear Bishophobbies, Any updates on this project that you are able to share? I am currently building the same kit, and its really helpful seeing what others are doing! I think you have done a brilliant job with it by the way. Its a beautiful model! Tim
  7. Jim. Thanks for sharing these photos of your completed Phoenix. I just spotted them today. They look great. I am currently building the same kit. These are a useful reference point. Tim
  8. Dear Spyglass, Any chance of your Phoenix kit coming out of storage? I am currently building the same kit and really enjoying it. Its a great kit. Tim
  9. Really like what you are doing with this kit Moreplovac... Keep up the good work! I am currently building the same kit - but adapting it quite alot. Its helpful to have this build log as a reference. Tim
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