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  1. Hello my old friends on this forum I have a number of books in my library that I no longer look at and might never look at again. This message is to sense whether there is any interest in them. Please PM if so. I'm not looking to make money I'd just like them to be owned by someone who will get more value out of them than I am currently. So happy to sell at a reasonable price - I have no idea if they are rare or expensive in other contexts. Shipping costs would suggest that someone in NZ or Australia would be a wiser buyer but happy to ship anywhere at cost - NZ shipping tends to be reaso
  2. This is looking great Spy. A very sharp ship and in good hands for sure! Cheers, Alistair
  3. Hi Simon and Spyglass I've been away for a very long time. I locked into this log way back as Spyglass knows his stuff. A lot to be learned. Spyglass - I'm very sad to hear that you couldn't finish this Pegasus. I wish you all the best - going to head off to see your Pickle shortly... Simon the Pie Man- I'm glad to hear that Spyglass as passed it forward to you - that is a great outcome all round. Spy gets to see his ship completed and you get the very best bones for an elegant ship. Cheers, Alistair
  4. Hi Doug I have been absent from the forum for a long time. I'm just dropping in to rekindle my fire for HMS Fly. Work/life got in the way... Love what you are doing - it looks great and you have got over that hurdle that curdled me - all of the full cannon rigs. Your head works - which did my head in - are also superb. Great stuff and I'll follow along again but probably not keep up with my Fly for a wee while yet. Started building WW1 planes instead... Cheers, Alistair
  5. Hello old friends! It is good to check back into your wonderful logs. My Fly is marooned but very safe and will float again. Wonderful work Martin - it is looking the part. You are well past where I got to when I put it on hold. It is great to reconnect to your log, B.E's finished work - what can be said but "amazing" - and I'll hunt out Landlubbers next. My Fly hull with deck fittings complete is in the corner of my eye on a spare shelf every time I work with plastic kits. No guilt - plastic is really unforgiving compared to wood. Sorry j
  6. Hi Maurice I have been so long and so far away from this forum and I decided to come back for a look. First - congratulations on your wonderful rendition of this elegant sloop. You are the master of this kit and your work always inspired me to keep going when I was going (and not going very well). Your end result is as remarkable as your journey - surely one of the most informative logs - it is the "how to" for all who tackle this beautiful ship in kit form. The brilliant outcome speaks for itself. I doff my cap to your skills and patience. One day I'd like to bother you for
  7. Friends It has been a long while. HMS Fly sits as it was - gosh - over a year ago. I have recently re-found the passion for models and the time! But I need a quicker fix and have gone over to plastic/resin planes from WW1. Flying boats in particular. I'll not let HMS Fly go but the incredible repetition of the various parts is not something I can face and I just want to make stuff. The kits I'm getting into are from Wingnut Wings - just around the corner from where I live - Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop. If you like a flying boat have a look at their Felixstone - an extraordi
  8. Could be that your pumps have got too big (out of scale) with all of the beautifully added detail? Just a thought - I reckon you'll want to tie off something or other to the bitt later...looking all good though - sweet work all round.
  9. I'll add to that chorus - it is a really great kit and you'll learn a lot for any future build. Ask away but my memory will fail me in some instances. Although it will it will have some detractors - Bob Hunt's AVS practicum is really good in my opinion - I followed it for my model and it taught me heaps.
  10. Hi Zoran I'm very interested in your kits. I followed your building here. I'm wondering about your kit for the Brazzera with its amazing hull shape. What are your shipping costs to New Zealand? I'm away for a few weeks - summer holiday - so forgive me if I'm slow to reply. Thank you and kind regards, Alistair
  11. Superb. The standard for the AVS has been reset. Congratulations it has been a great pleasure following along. Cheers Alistair
  12. Great work Brian I did say my method might not be accurate and you've proved it so! Despite the brilliance of your rigging I'll leave mine be and learn for the next time. Cheers Alistair
  13. Hi Martin Went back into my own Fly log to remind myself about the cannons. Certainly centering the barrel in the port is the key. I used the Syren carriages combined with the RB barrels. What size Syren carriage are you using? Is that the issue? I had no issue with the fit of mine for centering so can't understand where yours comes from as everything else looks just fine. Any way I'm dipping my toes back into the Fly/Pegasus forum with a view to getting back into my own model. Time is not on my side but with you and Vitus catching me up/passing me and Blue Ensign pulling well ahead and a
  14. Beautiful rigging Brian Just popped around the corner (into my dining room that is) to look at my own and realise how the serving of the ropes on yours makes it look so much more real and properly scaled. That'll be a new learning curve for me next time.
  15. Welcome back Vitus. My Fly is still on hold - just no time to spare. You are well past me now and it is looking great as well. Cheers Alistair
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