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  1. The lines you can see are were i have excess silver marker on the edges of boards for the caulking effect but will go away when i sand the hull and any small gaps i plan on filling with some walnut filler to match the second layer. Cheers REXY.
  2. G'Day Sailors, It has been a while, work and what not keeping my busy but over the past year i have managed to complete one half of the second layer of planking and am half way through the second side. The Result is fine just a lot of learning on were to shape planks on the first side. I do have some thoughts on the second layer though as it is only thin it tends to buckle when trying to achieve a bend vertically even if heated or steamed, this makes planking the bow a bit harder. A few pics of the second layer.
  3. G'Day, sailors I am back, it has been a while because i got the job and now the only free time i have is the weekends, that being said i am going to try and use each weekend on the boat. well back to the boat i have most of the hull sanded it just needs a bit of filler in a few places, after that the keel will be going on and i can start on the second layer. but first some pics of my progress. Cheers REXY.
  4. Well its been a while but i am slowly working on sanding the hull, this post is just to say i will be back in a bit just all my time right now is going to trying to secure a job. Cheers Rexy
  5. thanks dave i have the anatomy of a ship endeavour in pdf, it is in german but all i need is the pictures which shows the run of the bow and stern planks. i did notice that the way the AL kit shows to be planked looks completely wrong and had looked at the replica for info, but the pictures you posted will be of much help. now i do intend to follow the paint scheme of the replica minus the white lower hull as was discussed on page 3 with some great input from shipaholic and BANYAN as to her colour scheme. Cheers Rexy.
  6. G'Day Sailors a major milestone has been completed today in fitting the whiskey plank, thus she is now a complete hull. i was going to celebrate but as she is double planked i will wait to bring out the single malt scotch till her second layer whiskey plank is fitted. the next step will be pulling out all of the nails and giving her a first sand and some filler where it is needed. enough rambling it is time for a few pictures. Cheers Rexy.
  7. G'Day sailors, i have been working on the planking and in the time when planks are being formed, i have continued work on the cannons which resulted in some research as to if the Endeavour was painted like the replica or natural timber. There a a few paintings that show the ship from the 18th century but none that detail of colour can be taken from. I did find that the salvaged cannons from the reef she ran aground on have been restored and painted with a red ochre colour scheme. from what i have read it was common of ships of that era to have a colour scheme like the replica has. after a
  8. G'Day sailors. An important milestone has been reached, as per the instructions i have fitted 15 planks including the sheer strake, down. from this point the rest of the planking is done from the keel up, this means i will need to find a way to hold the boat without damaging the decks, some foam will work nicely i think. With a nice sand she will come up nice and smooth. Well anyway some pictures of her with said planks fitted Cheers Rexy.
  9. Ok so in between planks i have started work on the cannons and have run into a little dilemma the instructions are clearly old and say that the wheels should be 4 mm round by 1.5 mm thick walnut which is fine, but in the parts container there are little brass wheels of the exact same dimensions and quantity but i can not find them in the parts list, if anybody has some info on this it will be much appreciated. Anyway i will continue to try make 4 mm walnut ones in the mean time. Cheers Rexy. Edit : added pic
  10. Ah yes i was debating that, i was thinking of punching them below the surface but after looking at the thickness of the planks i do not think its worth it. So i was planing on pulling them out but not till all planks are fitted, i have a set of really sharp side cutters (for cutting electronic components) that allow me to have the nail in flush but i can still get under the head and flick them out with minimal damage to the plank. Hey i might even put tree nails in there place for strength. Cheers Rexy.
  11. small update i have got some more planks on to the point were they bend round the bow and bend round the stern, the stern has some mighty tight bends but we will see how it goes when i get there. well anyway some pics of the current progress. Cheers Rexy.
  12. Hey hof i have found some info for you, but first a quick tip if googling a phrase e.g gaff reef it will return any page with gaff and or reef but if you put the phrase in quotes it will search for any page with that phrase. OK now onto what i found i think what it refers to is reefing a sail which is to reduce the surface area of the sail by pulling it down the mast and the excess is rolled up and tied to the boom. from what you describe and a pic i found (bellow) there is a rope system to accomplish this. Try googling "Reefed sail" you should find plenty of info. Cheers Rexy.
  13. Planking has been slow going as i have been soaking the bow section of each board so it bends nicely. first of all was the sheer strake which dictates the planking run for most of the side planking as one might assume it is very time consuming to get both in the right place and as close to symmetrical as possible. Up until now i could only do 1 board each side a day as i had no way of holding multiple boards on the bow to keep the shape as they dry, because i can not nail into the gunwales. I have now pinned 3 boards each side on the bow which are drying and i should be able to install them to
  14. Doug here is a little list of what i would consider as the right tool for the job, if you plan on continuing in the hobby it is never to early to buy some small power tools. small Band saw would be the best i think, Scroll saw with a fine blade cutting on the down stroke would be the next best, scroll saws come in handy as you can just change the blade and work with metal ideal for brass. Cheers Rexy.
  15. firstly Thanks Pat, Carl and Scott for the kind words. secondly Carl i if you mean processes as in what tools i used or how i accomplished a task, i think this is mainly because ever since i was young we have had a full workshop and my father taught me what tool to use for each application, i guess i take this knowledge for granted as i am sure not everybody knows what tools to use and when. Lastly Scott in regards to the decks i may later on go and give the decks the extra tree nails that each board had between but joints like in the picture below (found on google taken on the replica).
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