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  1. If I remember correctly, the fence tapers 0.005" from the blade to the back of the saw.
  2. Well, after a bunch of sanding, I still have more to do but I'm getting closer. I bought an electric hand held belt sander with a 1/2" wide belt. It helps and removes a lot of wood fast although it's butchering the plywood bulkheads. I will do more hand sanding to achieve the final results. I'may be at this for a while longer.
  3. I have warpage in the false keel. I'm not too concerned. I will add additional brackets when I assemble my building board. I'm thinking 6 per side. Hopefully that should correct the problem.
  4. I finished with the head knee assembly. I tapered as per the instructions and even managed to smooth the edges on the bobstay holes and gammon slot although it's not very visible.
  5. So here is the sorta final assembly. I still have to taper the edges and put a finish on it. I'm thinking of a wipe on poly. I have also decided not to paint at all. I'm not into historically completely accurate ships, honestly I hate painting and I think a natural wood finish looks better. I figure I will enjoy this more if I don't have to worry about painting.
  6. I started the head knee assembly and thought I would break it down to a few sub assemblies. I figured this would give me a tighter joint. The practicum recommends the use of Titebond II glue and no removal of the laser char. I ended up getting Titebond III and have not removed any char. I hope I end up with a good tight strong joint. (BTW, I've had problems finding Titebond II at the usual places. But my wife found Titebond III tonight at another hardware store. It's supposed to be better and stronger.)
  7. Very nice craftsmanship Alan. Looks great. Your attention to detail is impressive.
  8. I finally got my order from Syren. And when I say "finally", that is not a slight against Syren or Chuck. I have been off work since before Christmas enjoying a 2 week staycation. I asked a colleague of mine to let me know if any packages shows up for me at work. I have a lot of my stuff shipped to work to avoid porch divers in case I'm out. I don't hear from my colleague at all. I walk into my office this morning and there is this noticeably large box on the table behind my desk from Syren. I approached my colleague and asked why he didn't call me when it showed up. His answer was, he never noticed it plus my office was locked the entire time. I have no idea how long the package was sitting there. So it's in my shop now. I plan on starting very shortly. Wow, this is going to be big.
  9. Unfortunately I've had some financial setbacks so had to cancel my order for the disc sander today. As I politely said to them, they have not heard the last from me. My wish is that Jim develops a band saw / re saw. Maybe someday.
  10. Just being a new owner of the Byrnes saw myself I realized a couple of things. Because shipping to Canada can add up, I wished I added a few more blades and a couple more zero clearance inserts. 4" blades are difficult to find in Canada. I also wish I had ordered more of the miter bars. It's the piece of machined aluminum that fits in the guide slots on the table. That way I would have a few spares if I wanted to make jigs that run in the slots.
  11. It's usually found right under your nose, in plain sight or slightly buried.
  12. I am notoriously bad for grabbing a tool, using it then throwing it on the bench. Eventually I can't find anything and end up with a bench to cluttered to use. To make matters worse, I have two workshops and it gets to a point where I can't use either. That's when I have to spend a weekend cleaning up both shops, returning tools from one shop to the other and putting things away. I promise myself I'll put tools away after use, which lasts for about a week then the mess begins again. It literally gets to a point where I'll use a tool, set it down, need it again and spend the next 10 minutes trying to locate it. Having said that, in the house we have a place for everything and everything is in its place. So I get used to where everything is until one day I can't find anything. Reason being, the admiral will decide, maybe twice a year, that she wants to rearrange everything. She doesn't tell me that she has done it. So now, I have to ask her where everything is. In 6 months time I'll learn all the new locations and then she'll rearrange again. Maybe that's her way of ensuring that she will always be needed. 😍

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