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  1. Made the remaining bulkhead patterns today along with the sub deck patterns. Motivation is low due to work being wicked crazy....end of day I am wiped, plus it's been in the Flippin 90s here lately and my patio is a sauna after work so no joy there. I should be able to get a bunch done this weekend..... Pamela
  2. I don't know what it's like where everyone else lives...but it's almost ridiculous here....well into november and it's 82 degrees today. Pamela
  3. Got some bits cut out...... Also I believe I blew the belt on the Lil table saw.....I've been a Lil taxing on it.....ooops. the ebony is kinda hard.....will do nicely. Onward, Pamela
  4. Ok....change up.....I think instead of black walnut stained to resemble the black paint...I'm going to aquire some Gabon Ebony. Local place has it.....1"x3"x24" is the 50.00....ouch Back to that goofy thing, Pamela
  5. Ok....ideas here....I don't wish to paint anything here....if anything stains. So selecting woods that work together might be tough......the decking is teak.. That's set.....keel, stem, rudder...walnut.....now, my terminology is bad here so bare with me. Top rail, few planks below that and below the gun ports black walnut, gun port planking cherry or plain walnut.....and main hull planking cherry. Is this way off base....or might that work? Suggestions, critisms, tell me I'm goofy..... Pamela
  6. Wow...accomplished way more than I thought I would this evening.......woo-hoo The first poplar plank is 48"x10"x3/8"......so this should give a good idea of actual size. Now to find a nice Lil band saw for at home. The last photo is the walnut. This wood I got from Ocooch hardwoods in Wisconsin seems to be very good stuff. Onward, Pamela
  7. Ok....Lil farther.....traced out more patterns this morning and bought stuff to make the templates
  8. Ooooh......yer my new best friend.....I would like to do one of these as well in 1/24 full framed and detailed to go along with the United states in an enormous diarama of the final minutes of the battle...complete with smashed masts and all battle damage. And yes I am certifiably nuts...that's been established... Wink, Pamela
  9. Ok...wood and saw parts are on the truck for delivery....tracking is a wonderful thing. Came into work a bit early to start the pattern making process....yes I have been slacking, but I have been cleaning up the shipyard so building will be more efficient. Onward McDuff, Pamela
  10. Wood will be here tuesday, saw parts from micro mark Wednesday Bleh, I'm so impatient waiting for stuff. Pamela
  11. For doing fiberglass. ..look into stuff called peel ply......it is placed on top of wet glass and squeegeed. Let dry...then "peel" off......leaving a completely smooth surface where very little if any sanding and/or filling are required. Pamela
  12. Ugh.....now I wait for my wood to arrive.....I'm thinking maybe I'll get large dimension wood and rip it all down myself. Once this one order arrives...... Sigh, Pamela
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