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  1. Hi Allen Many thanks for the advice. I went to my local DIY store yesterday and purchased a new length of 6mm dowel. Although it is of much inferior quality to the dowel supplied with the kit, I am going to attempt an all-in-one version, therefore cutting/carving/sanding the top square section. Still, I have other sections of mast to do so will try and find a method of drilling/joining that works!!! Thanks for the help anyway.
  2. Hi Gregory, Many thanks for the advice. Yes, the addition of cross-trees will hide the joint. However, it's not the joint that I'm concerned about but rather the angle between the main mast and the joined main mast top section which, due to the various angles in play is not straight. I went to my local DIY store yesterday and purchased a length of 6mm dowel. Although it is of much inferior quality to the dowel supplied with the kit, I am going to attempt an all-in-one version, therefore cutting/carving/sanding the top square section. Still, I
  3. Hi all, I'm on the building the masts for my current (first wooden) build HMS Pickle from Jotika / Caldercraft. Not easy, but OK so far - until I get to building the masts. The lower main mast is made up in two parts; the upper from 4*4mm walnut and the lower from 6mm dowel. The idea is to drill a 1.5mm hole in the top of the 6mm dowel and bottom of the 4*4 walnut piece. Then, a section of brass rod in inserted to join the two together.. I’ve tried doing this a couple of times but cannot seem to get both pieces straight. I do not have a bench drill or anything
  4. Hi Jason, Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to have to get some new dowel from my local DIY shop as the kit only provides enough for the 2 masts. Yes, I guess it will be worthwhile in the end. Gosh, that's a lot of sanding to do!!!!
  5. Main Mast Still avoiding the deadeye strops, I made a start on the masts. I started with the main mast. This is supposedly cut from the provided 6mm dowel. Trouble is, the dowel varies from 6.2 to 6.8 mm. I guess I have no option other than to sand for hours by hand to get the mast down to the correct diameter. I then noticed that my planking had been too generous around the mast step so out came my file and I carefully sanded away until I could get the mast to fit. I was shocked at first when I saw the resulting mast angled the way it was but after checking
  6. Perfect. Many thanks for the instructions. They work!!! Back to my log
  7. Before facing my nemesis of the Deadeye Strops once again, I decided that after such a long time away, I needed an easier way to get motivated and relearn some modelling skills. So, I decided to leave other parts of the ship alone for a while and make a start on the masts and spars etc. I decided to build up each piece as much as I could and add as many fixtures and fittings too on dry land before bringing them on board. Bowsprit & Jib-boom Starting with the bowsprit and jib-boom, I identified and cut my two pieces of dowel to size. Then I had to l
  8. Sadly, I had to throw in the towel and close the yard last year as all the workers had gone out on what turned out to be a 12 month strike. After a lot of discussions, the workers finally agreed to return to work for a few months so we'll try and catch up on the lost time!!! Rudder Chains Just before the strike, I had decided to add rudder chains to Pickle as it just didn’t seem right to launch a ship without them. The kit didn’t supply any so after further research I purchased a length of 1:64 chain with 1 mm links which other people had used. G
  9. Hi, it's been a while since I updated my Build Log. Previously, there was a preview screen so that you could check your post as it would appear and edit it if necessary before final submission. This way, I could correct any mistakes I had made, perhaps add, delete or move any images that didn't quite work. Yes, I had to follow instructions to readjust my jpeg images to allow them to be posted but otherwise adding to a log was easy. Today, I started to update my log. I found that the 'Preview' was no longer there although I've just worked out how to edit a post!. More i
  10. Hi Pete, Welcome to MSW and to the Pickle Farm!! I've started Pickle quite a few years ago now and am only half-way through as life keeps getting in the way. Apart from plastic modelling that I did in my younger days, Pickle was the first model that I have done, especially anything like this real wood type of stuff. There are many far better modellers on here who simply blow me away with their skill levels. Just one example, you certainly won't go far wrong by studying Flyer's build that's for sure. Feel free to check my build log out - it's not quite as
  11. Great choice, but I'm just wondering if I should get really pedantic and decide that 'Once upon a time in the west' is music - great music from a great movie but just music none the less, therefore not a 'Song' and so can't be in a 'Song Title Game'......... but no, I can't be bothered!!!
  12. Mists of TIME - John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers (Stories Album) Released 2006 Just for info, Stories is a fantastic Album, well worth a listen if you love Blues........ or even if you don't!!
  13. Here my Train a comin' - Mr Jimi Hendrix (1973) Now we're talkin'!!!!
  14. Blues ain't Nothin' but a good women on your mind Don Covay & the Jefferson Lemon Blues Band 1969
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