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  1. Does any one have a lighting system on their Optivisor? I added one but it stop working really shortly after turning it on so am looking for a better one. I like my optivisor but it would be so much better when you add a light to it. Gary
  2. Hi Guys. I just finished building a variable height table for Alfred and its already made me wish I had made one years ago. The family and I was in IKEA a few years back and saw one of their desk and gave it a try. Thought how nice that would be for working on Alfred. That thought stuck with me and a few weeks ago I was in office depot and looked at one that sat on top of the desk but was to small and a little high on the cost so I still didn't get one. I finally got serious a with cash in hand went shopping on line that is. Well got to thinking why don't I just build one to suit me and Alfred. I went and brought the pieces for it linear actuator, dc power supply, control system, a couple of piece's of ply wood and 4 drawer slides. So after a week it was done and today I used it for moving Alfred up and down and as I said earlier which I had done this a few years back. Here are some photos of it. Probabley end up adding some shelfs to it and a few other things. Gary
  3. Hi Matiz. I take it you mean razor blades good sir? Enjoying your build very much. Thank you for sharing it with us and always enjoy your updates. Gary
  4. Mark in the book Legacy of a Ship Model, the Princess Royal 1773 by Rob Napier, page 91, he has a picture of the aft side of the port round house and it is not very deep at all and no door was installed on it. Sort of like being in a out house with no walls or door. Wonder were the hung the rope/ toilet paper. Mark I took a second look at more of the photos of the Princess Royal and seems that it did in fact have door's for the round house. There is also a photo that shows the dog leg frame( the core of the model which looks just like what you have drawn. Good job sir. Gary
  5. Mark the stanchion at the dog leg landed some what on the dog leg frame. I believe that's what I found when I was working on alfred, sort of rebate in to it. More like a half stanchion.
  6. Mark go to the gallery at the top of the page, then go to page 2 and there are a few outstanding photo's of the head work of 74's. When you look at them as a whole it makes it look like the had a lot more room. Even the Bellona is there. Gary
  7. Mark could the door have been on the inside of the beak head bulkhead. Thought I saw a photo or maybe it was the victory that showed this. If so wouldn't that given them a couple of more feet with a set of stairs to help get you in there. Think I see if I can found the door. Gary
  8. Mark thats a nice drawing. I have allways liked your drawing. Is it possible to see one of a head on view? Thank you sir. Gary
  9. Mark on that plan with the knees there is another lay out of the spirketting and quickwork of the Berwick which is what I used on Alfred. Gives you another choice which is allways a good thing. Look forward in to seeing your planking good sir. Gary
  10. Thanks Gaetan . Bruce I ordered one off of Amazon already sir. Should come in handy, and thank you. Pat sounds like you didn't have to bad of a time. I have heard other people say the same thing. Like you said they must have a good reason. Well maybe next time you go you will have a better time on the Victory. Gary
  11. On a different not I have this tool, had it for years and not sure what its called, maybe a depth/ angle gauge. Any ideals where I might get another one. Comes in real handy and would like to have a second one when this one is tied up. Thank you good sir's. Sorry guys already found one. Gary
  12. Hi Mark. No color/stain this time. Used Tamiya flat black thinned down and didn't come out to bad. Used the same thing on the stbd side for some of the upper works. Hope it doesn't peel off any time soon. Gary

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