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  1. Hi Richard. I would go with Greg's 6 inches, and on Montague a 74 gun ship she has 6 1/2 inches thick at the top. On another note your build looks very good and will be watching you bring her to life. Just a ideal but you could scrap the insides which would keep down the dust. Gary
  2. My Wife also asked me that same question and told her, for my family to have a very good Christmas and a cure for this bug. Happy thanksgiven guys
  3. Thanks Mark and druxey your comments help keep me going, of course I have to thank the Swan guys, Greg and David and their books for showing me some ideals that really help make the job a whole lot easier, such as how Greg would take a over size piece, get the joint to fit first and then cut out the rest of the item. Gives one lots of wiggle room. I take a over size piece and fit it to the wall and then cut out the front curve shape along with the upper edge of knee against the beam it self. Greg shows the stem and dead wood in vol 3, page 18 and 20. Another thing to some that's not sure is
  4. Hi Guys. Have a question about the messenger rollers time frame when they were used. According to Peter Goodwin, The Sailing Man of War, page 156, he says that they came in 1790/1792. Does any one know if they was in use earlier then this? She was broken up in 1818 so adding them as I show her would that be to much of a reach being they didn't come out till 10 years later? Also how did the messenger round the coner in the manger it self or was it helped along by the crew to do this taken away hands from the capstan? I know it was three question but curious minds are wondering. I know it w
  5. Siggi one of the contract's I have, time frame wise ,1770 and also used in 1775 says that the gun deck and upper deck had 11 per side. I looked for the number of standard's in a couple of books, for your time frame but could not find the number, other then the number of them in your post. My reason for the question was if there is only two standards on the gun deck per side where would that placement be. Maybe as you said in the middle of the deck. It does say the iron ones on the upper deck were place under the forecastle and quarter deck but still doesn't say where. I added a picture show
  6. Hi Siggi. Question, does it say where these standards are located? I am looking for a answer but so far have not come up with a answer for you. Will be back? Gary
  7. Thanks Richard, I take a second look and you just may be right if I can mill out those holes and doesn't make it weak. Gary
  8. Hi Roger. Thats what we were talking about in the above post and the chuck would have to be able to overset the center of it up to a 1/4 inch. Thank you for you post. Gary
  9. Mark I seen photo's or model's, not sure which one but it shows the pillars as having hinges at the top so they could be pushed up out of the way for working the capstan, but as druxey said they may of just been moved out of the way for working things. Gary
  10. Hi Richard and no I haven't given those much thought and do have the small OJT chuck with the adjustable back. From reading the description and specifications on their site it lead's me to believe it only very small movement's for centering very small drill bits. Gary
  11. Hi Alan. Not speaking for Karl but the photo you show of the gun is the English way of rigging the breech and if you look in Boudriot 74 gun ship vol 2 it shows the breeching as Karl shows it.
  12. That's ok Richard and thank you for the help. That's what counts. i also had to buy a new lever collet closer Riser so in the long run I just may have to purchase 1291 along with those other items, that is if I can get my request approved. It does seem when you change one thing, you have to change 30 more items. 🥺Gary
  13. Thanks Richard but I need to raise the tailstock. The one I purchased is 1294. If I use item 1291, riser block, then I would have to buy a lot more of the items on your page which would raise the cost over all and don't believe the ladyship will approved the request. I already have Tool post along with other item's and purchasing tall one's would be just a waste of money. Cheaper in the long run just to raise the tail stock end, if I can figure out how. Might have to modify the tail stock it self. Thanks again. Gary.
  14. Thanks Richards I saw that one but its to tall. The head stock riser that am getting only raising the head stock a 1/4 of a inch from what I can tell and the one you mention I believe raise's the head stock a little over a inch. The 8 inch table is 7/8 of a inch thick and the 6 inch cross slide table is 5/8 thick. Thank you. Gary
  15. Hay guys have question for you and hoping maybe some one has a answer on it. On my Sherline lathe I am adding a 8 inch cross slide table to it but have to get a riser block for the headstock but my question is what about the tailstock? If I raise the headstock it seem's that I also need to raise the tail stock the same amount but have not seen any thing about Sherling making a riser block for that. Do you know what others do to raise the tail stock so the centers are right and even with each other? I can't see changing the 8 inch out to the 6 inch when I need to use the tail stock and we lik
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