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  1. Hi Stuglo. Do you have a link to the jig site? I like to take a look at it but can't seem to find it. Keep up the good work and she is looking good. Thank you Gary
  2. Outstanding is the only thing comes to mind. As druxey said very impressive. Gary
  3. Thanks marsalv and Clay. The infor on the cutter's is most helpful and keep up the outstanding build. Gary
  4. Hi Clay, I tried to get the set that Marsalv showed but for some reason it would not let my order go through. I found what I believe is the same set that you show. Have you by chance got a chance to use them and look forward to what you think. Gary
  5. Nice build and outstanding rigging. I really like the small figures that show up ever once in awhile and brings a big smile and a chuckle. Look forward to your next update. Gary
  6. Hi marsalv. That's ok on the video tutorial and much prefere seeing photo's of you building but thank you very very much for the information on the carving tool's that you use. Looking forward to your next update. Gary
  7. Hi Clay. Well good sir my thought process on the framing was I used butt's to hold the parts of the frame together that is shown on page 18 in Goodwin's book. Being a expert , thank you for that, but call my self more of a student who will never finish school. When i started building my frames I did use chocks to hold the parts together but being that you make about a 130 frames it takes awhile which is why I used the butt and dowel that hold's those parts together. Not as time consuming and once the planks are installed on the outside and inside you can't see the chocks but if I had to do it again I would have installed the chocks, but today that is just a bit of hind sight on my part. Installing the chocks does take a while and after three years of framing figure chocks would have added 2 years to their building, for me anyway. Chock's would be more accurate doing our time frame. Now the sister frames would have been called bends and it seems that He shows this on page 14,16 and 18. What they usually did, as far as I can tell in Alfred's/Warrior time frame, would be to to build one bend( two frames put together as one) two single filling frames that did not touch each other and then another bend. Some where around the dead flat there was a changing of the floors so at that place you would have a floor, a first futtock and then another floor. What they did is at the forward part of the hull the floors would be on forward side and aft the would be on the aft side. I added a photo of Alfred's framing plan and my framing , they are about as close as I can get them. If you look at station 1 and the dead flat you will see the switching of the floor. How you can tell is that there is three filling frames between the two bend's and usually you only had two filler's. Now the bend's didn't touch as the went up but was pushed apart with blocks of wood , so the upper parts of the frame's could make up the side of the gun port. Those parts of the frame were bolted together were the blocks were installed . I colored those blocks black and shows that this was a station and the filling frames did not have those blocks. Hope this makes sense Clay. Gary
  8. Thank you Marsalv. The machines that we use will always be controversial but then again as you said, they will be just another evolutionary step, sort of like when I purchased a mill for my self. As far as what tool's you use, be that a set of carving tools or Cnc doesn't matter, both takes a lot of work and skill to achieve what you have shown us. One last question Marsalv, but what tool bits did you use when you did you cnc carvings, a self made set or a set that one can purchase to do the carving's? I am getting in to CNC, something that I should of done years ago and knowing what the right set of tool bit's that one needs for miniature carving in cnc will really help. I have been looking but so far have come up empty finding a set. Look forward in hearing from you. Keep up the outstanding building your doing and thank you. Have you ever thought about doing a a tutorial on Miniature cavings in cnc? Just might be what some of us need to help us grow. Gary
  9. Hum. Between your blocks Chuck and rope, rope I can make, blocks is a little on the hard side, and then add in the qualty that your are really makes me want the block's. No were on God's green earth can one get blocks as good as your's. I have a rope walk to make my own so I would have to go with keep making those little jewel's and i would be happy. Thanks Chuck.
  10. Well guys the Cnc parts are on the way for fitting out the mill and lathe and maybe I have it all put together by the end of the month. Learning how to use the programs, well that just may take a little longer. Will add more later. Gary
  11. Hi Chuck, sorry I missed the buying spree but am very interested in the in depth tutorial on how to make them. Am working on turning my mill and lathe in to CNC which I don't think will have much to do with making blocks but using you tutorial will help me in time to make them for Montague and give me a reason to buy the drill you mention. As far as the other tool's you mention I seem to all ready have those, so that part am all the ready in good shape. Look forward in hearing from you. I will be sad and will miss your block's but your health is most important, of course who know's maybe you can get started on the capstain kit. LOL. Look forward to the tuition and will help those of us that have the tools to make the blocks a lot. Thanks. Gary
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