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  1. Bulkheads glued up. I had some challenges with the aft filter blocks. Hard to cut, impossible to sand or file, ended up using the sanding drum on the rotary tool. Additional, I had trouble visualizing what they should look like and cruising other build logs didn't offer much help for me. I've attached a few pics of mine. They are by no means perfect but they're close. After the glue dries I'll sand them to final shape. The rotary tool masks a colossal fine mess and I was going to include a pic of it but the gf cleaned it up... I've been researching and searching for some time for a work light and finally settled for this one. It's a Normande Lighting Magnifier Task Lamp #HP3-1401V. I don't recommend it. Not very bright and 'some assembly required'. When I went to tighten the head the plastic thumb screw stripped. Had to drill it bigger and install a screw and nut from my tool box as the screw in it is an unusual size and I didn't have a proper nut. All in all not very happy with it but I didn't feel like taking the drive again to return it. I'm not done looking.
  2. Well shiver me timbers and blow me down! There is a waterline on the plans both for the keel and the bulkheads, and I double checked. They are transferred as drawn. I guess I didn't read deep enough as I lined up the bulkheads with the waterline. I scrutinized a few other build logs and sure enough they are all flush with the top of the keel mine are now too, and the rabbit is correct. Thanks so much Joe and Don for saving me from a fatal mistake. Fair winds and following seas to you.
  3. As I've read before, every slot needs to be enlarged slightly. Additionally, the small piece of keel next to the mast is very weak. I broke them both! Glued the mast slot covers on to both stiffen and strengthen these critical areas. I will have to cut the rabbit again on some places as the bulkheads do not reach it. They line up OK with a plank although bulkhead C needs a shim. So far so good but now it's off to work for me.
  4. Did a lot better job of cutting the rabbit this time. The planks will fit without tapering but I did get a bit too aggressive at the stern post. Had to shave a little off the keel to get it to fit against the hull. I'm still no hand with a chisel so used the plane, a file and sanding block. It's sitting with weight on it now, will post a pic tomorrow.
  5. Kit arrived Friday, almost a week before I expected it. Didn't get to it till today. Organized tools again and took inventory, labeling all the wood bundles after measuring then with a caliper. I can't identify some of the castings but the count seems right. Will have to cross that Sea when I come to it. I'm pretty intimidated by some of the blocks and dead eyes. Will have to get a new magnifying visor or microscope to rig them. May get started on they keel today and may not. Have to find a copy place to copy the plans as they are printed double sided. I like to post them on the wall but don't want to have to stop and turn them over all the time. The Glad Tidings is a good inspiration that I can do this. It's sitting atop the piano right next to my work table.
  6. Hey Andy, found your log today and I must say I'm very jealous of your skills. I just finished my first wooden build, the Glad Tidings, and ordered the Pride of Baltimore this morning. After looking at your photos, I'm wondering if I didn't bite off more than I can chew. I wondered the same thing when I opened the box of GT too. I expect I'll have to slow down a bit to get this one right but I'm looking forward to it nevertheless. Anyway, thanks for posting your log. I'm inspired by it. Chris. Waiting for my ship to come in...
  7. Yikes! I forgot to send kudos to Chuck at Syren Ship Model Company. I'm glad I went ahead and purchased his rope. Most definitely worth the money and great customer service. Thanks Chuck!
  8. First build finished! Will order the next one first thing in the morning, the Pride of Baltimore from Model Shipways @ ModelExpo-online.com.
  9. Standing rigging done! The chain supplied in the kit was too small for me to work with. Couldn't get a wire or ring or even two threads through it. Luckily, there was still the broken necklace that seems perfectly suited to the purpose of both anchor chain and inner bobstay. The next thing I learned is that Britannia castings melt! Have been using CA glue to glue them to wood but thought that brass to casting would be better with solder. Only partially melted one casting but managed to salvage and still use it. Funny thing, I had a heck of a time cutting the stove pipe - went through two cut off wheels. Guess I could have just touched it with the soldering iron. Looking forward to finishing the Glad Tidings and getting the Pride of Baltimore next for almost free due to the offer when I purchased this kit. I don't know how Model Expo stays in business with all the stuff they give away. Anyway, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth as my hobby budget is limited. I have already talked to John and their offer is good so I intend to take advantage of it. Course I'll still need paint, pedestal and a few new tools....
  10. Started working on the sails. The instructions say to sew through the bolt rope, not around it. I didn't have any luck sewing through it so as an experiment tried around it. Was a lot easier and came out better and the sails being furled, you can't see most of it anyway. The main sail has two sets of hidden reef points that no one will ever see. The spanker will not have any! I was dreading tying 21 square lashings for the mast hoops so did a Utube search. Saw a technique and decided to give it a try. A simple persik knot around the hoop, each bitter end through the sail from opposite sides, a half hitch on the bottom and finish off with a reef knot on top. Looks good and easy-peasy to do. I only have them furled on the boom temporarily with a couple of temp stays for the picture. I read somewhere that the gaffs should be displayed in the sailing position and looking at this boat I have to agree even though the real boat would never look like that. With the gaffs down, the whole stern would look very empty and the tweenmasts would look unfinished. So taking a bit of modelers license they will be rigged in the hoisted position. Can't wait for my new rope to get here.
  11. All of the spars are completed and the sails are cut out for displaying as furreled. Although the impatience bug has bitten, I will wait for tomorrow and some natural light to finish the sails. I really want to start rigging but I must wait for the new thread to arrive as I don't want to have to do it twice, or as we say at work, "we don't have time to do it right the first time, but we will have plenty of time to do it over on overtime". I'm thinking about the sequence of rigging and wondering if it would not be prudent to do it backwards. That is to say, bend on the sails first, then the running rigging and finally the standing rigging. That way I won't be reaching through completed lines to tie others. I'll be working from the middle out instead of the outside in. It's done that way on the real boat but the workers are not 300 feet tall with 20 foot hands. I'll get a picture up after the sails are bent on tomorrow.
  12. So, I went ahead and ordered six packs of thread from Chuck. Will be more or less on hold until it gets here but from the feedback I'm getting from you folks, it'll be worth it. Thanks all for the likes and replays.
  13. OMG. Cut out and iron hemmed a sail and put in one reef point. Then started on the bolt rope. Someone mentioned on a previous post that the thread in my kit may not be the best. What an understatement that turned out to be! Got in 3 stitches and had a knot monster. Took it out and started over. Same thing! This thread quickly fuzzes and unravels terribly. I did draw it thru bees wax too. Anyway, it's totally unacceptable. I need a good source for rigging thread now. I have a shopping cart ready for Syren but they seem pretty expensive, however I have nothing to compare them to. Still, $32.00 seems a bit much for 5 things of thread. Suggestions?
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