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  1. Thanks to Ab for all the links and explanations. As I looked at the plans, I know I will need a lot of advice. Hm, my annual watching can't be compared to this. I redrawn the ribs and keel and had them fired on a laser. Unfortunately she came a little broken ...
  2. Thank you all for your likes. Thanks to the amateur for explaining the differences between Witsen and Ijk. I didn't know this. I have to apologize for the inactivity of the thread in the past 3 weeks. After an agreement with Ab, we wanted to start when the website for pinase is launched. Unfortunately, IT specialists understand PCs, not ships. Thanks to Ab for explaining the origin and history of these plans. But I have one question: Why do the plans in Nicolaes Witsen and Shipbuilding differ and in Dutch merchant ships? Specifically, this numbering and the table to it.
  3. Good day to all the modelers. I'm very fond of 17th century Dutch ships. That's why I decided to build a pinnace. Why here? The reason is in the author of the plans. Ab Hoving offered me that if I presented the structure here, we could discuss a lot of issues publicly. Plans for this ship can be found in various places: Ab Hoving - Nicolaes Witsen and shipbuilding in the Dutch Golden Age Ab Hoving - Dutch merchant ships And here again - https://nautarch.tamu.edu/shiplab/AbHoving.htm Antony Talen - http://blessed4789.byethost11.com/2018/07/24/pinas/?i=1 According to information from Aba, the 3D model site should also be launched by the end of February, I will add the link. Before I go into construction, I'd like to ask: I found the year of construction 1671 - is that a good thing? Are there any plausible paintings, drawings - not this particular one, perhaps, but similar ships? The text that you drew this boat from - is it available anywhere? I can't imagine how to draw a plan on just any contract. Is there a Dutch archive on the Internet where you can get information?
  4. Hi Marcus, I follow your building very closely and keep my fingers crossed. The book he spoke of Ab: Herman Ketting Prince Willem I have in PDF, only in German. If you're interested I will send. I would also be interested in plans for Rex.
  5. Hi Ab, after the summer break I sat down again and read the MSW. - I wish you and your family a lot of health - it's the most valuable. what we have. - Thank you for your help with the construction of the Grosse Yacht 1678, as well as for all the other modellers. Information from you is invaluable. - I keep my fingers crossed in the next building and watch carefully. Peter
  6. Thank you very much for this information!
  7. Beautiful models, Ab! What amazed me: yellow instead of gold at Lennox !!! I thought it was going to be gold !!! ???
  8. Hi Ab, I have your book and I want to build pinas. I really like a Dutch ship of the 17th century - but there are not many good treasures. Can I contact you for problems? Now I'm dealing with the nail problem at Grosse yacht 1678 - where were the hull itself? https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=177&t=107202&start=90 Thank you Petr
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