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  1. Thank you so much. The hull is 710 mm stem to stern.
  2. I continued with the forecastle planking and cap rails. Forecastle has been covered partially like quarter deck and waist deck,
  3. I added a grate and completed minimal planking of the waist deck.
  4. The waist deck requires support stancions. I made a simple jig which helped me to produce stancions.
  5. I have made the waist deck but not glued in place yet. This part of the decking required support stanchions which will be made next.
  6. I have made and installed the quarterdeck pin rails.
  7. I made up the quarterdeck bulwark ringbolts and eyebolts. I also made up cleats. I then drilled the bulwarks and transom for all of them and installed them. I then made two transom knees and installed them.
  8. I did the cap rails for the bulwarks and transom.
  9. Quarter deckplanking and internal planking of the bulwarks have been completed. To leave visible the details on the gun deck, I covered the quarter deck partially.
  10. Quarter deck is still in progress. One of the three capstans and the chain pumps are in place.
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