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  1. Truly looking forward to your next post! Happy, happy holidays to you... stay healthy and happy. Rob
  2. I am really grateful, Dan, for the book suggestion. I found an excellent copy at Abe's Books and have finished it... fascinating! These huge old engines were, well, huge! And, considering the technology and manufacturing capabilities of the time, were an amazing accomplishment. I also found a couple of interesting YouTube videos of walking beam engines. lots of hardware, there. Thanks again, Dan
  3. John, What a spectacularly beautiful place; it looks to me like a perfect movie set! I have never been to Nova Scotia, and scenes such as this make me realize what I've missed; and makes me want to go. A week there must have been wonderful. Thanks for posting. Rob
  4. Thanks, Dan, for the book suggestion. I just ordered a copy from AbesBooks; about fifteen bucks... can't wait to get it! Rob
  5. Nic, thanks for your thoughtful response... makes perfect sense to me!
  6. I've got a question about the paddle wheel and it's 'box.' There is a lot of 'headroom' at the top of the wheel... what is all this space for? In the real world, does the wheel move up and down (like the wheels/tires of a car) and the space is needed for that travel. I know my question has nothing whatsoever to do with the build log, but I'm wondering... Rob
  7. I agree, Dan, this is a great build log. I am so glad that real craftsmen are working on the Portland now... I'm ordering mine in September, and the work chronicled here will be massively helpful. ;-)
  8. So glad you are feeling better, John... I've been missing your posts. Here's wishing a quick trip to a complete recovery! Rob
  9. This is a GREAT build log! Thanks, guys, for posting! Rob
  10. This is going to be a great build log... I'm going to be following right along, watching and learning. Robert
  11. Good morning, Norm... I am so glad that you are building this gorgeous model! Are you going to start a 'build log,' or are you just going to keep it all in this thread? I've been a [mostly-lurking] member of this fine group for some time now, but have yet to actually start any constructive work. I spend a lot of time trying to decide what ship I wanted to tackle as my re-entry into the hobby; way too much time. I knew I didn't want another warship, and was kind of hot/cold toward whaling ships. Then I 'found' the Portland and it really appeals to me, so evocative of that era. After I had decided that the Portland would be 'it,' I promptly had some health issues the first five months of this year (all's well now!!), so I'm really wanting to get started soon. So, after all that, I am so looking forward to watching you progress... I wish you the very, very best, have fun with it! Rob
  12. Any update, Norm? Really looking forward to your build!
  13. I can't get it either... this message instead: The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.
  14. Norm, Yes, indeed... good luck with your build! Are you going to post a build log? Please do... with lots of photos, too. Thanks, Robert
  15. Looks more like the "SS Firewood" to me!
  16. Thanks, John, this should be very helpful. I'm delighted to find that I can view (even download) the photos while not being a Facebook user. By the way, I'm guessing that Jim's build is from the earlier Bluejacket kit.
  17. Good morning, John Thank you for your reply and your generous offer of 'help' ... what a great resource! I am so impressed with your work on your Portland, your talent and attention to detail is much in evidence. While I really have no idea what lies ahead in the construction of the walking beam and officers' quarters, lust looking at all the photo-etched railings is enough to strike terror in my little heart. But, as they say, "fools rush in....." Thanks again, your photo in inspiring. Rob
  18. Thanks, Nic, for the kind suggestion... unfortunately (!) we are among the few cranky folks still alive that don't use Facebook. Since joining this fine group, I've done little except ask questions (such as this one)... I haven't started a thing! Just as I was getting excited about resuming model-building, my wife (of fifty eight years) began having debilitating back problems. After months of ineffectual treatment, we finally wised up and sought out a very fine neurosurgeon, who successfully operated on her back. While the surgery was specific and 'fixed' a specific problem (pain), she still has a seventy-eight year old spine. Regaining stamina and balance has been an uphill fight for her, and me, too, as I care for her. Sorry for the boring story... Linda has progressed to the point where I can once again start agonizing over which model to tackle... I have been reading about the Portland for a couple of months now, and have pretty much decided it will be the one. Again, thank you for your kind reply... I hope to be in the boat-building-business soon! Rob
  19. As the title says, I'm wondering if anyone is working on Bluejacket's side wheeler 'Portland.' Looks to be a gorgeous model from an interesting period. Thanks, Rob
  20. Well, I too think you are a genius! Very nice... The Portland is a "class act," and so are you for resurrecting an ancient, moribund kit, and bringing it to life. Thanks for posting. Rob
  21. Omega1234, I don't even know your name, but your post broke my heart. I, too, recently lost both of my parents (93 and 96) and thus can perhaps understand a bit of what you are facing today. And I am truly sorry, and I hope that you will find peace and comfort in your memories and will find love and support from your family and friends. God bless you in this...
  22. So many cool things going on with the Forum members... my biggie of the day was getting a positive clinical diagnosis of having the flu. Sheesh... no wonder I feel crummy
  23. I am so impressed with this build log, but I can't begin to tell you how all the charts have completely intimidated me. I love the Glad Tidings, and was strongly considering it if I EVER get around to getting [re]started in this glorious hobby... now, I'm not so sure.

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