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  1. Thanks. I would appreciate a picture of just how you pin the spars without damage. Mike
  2. Hi. Great build, very interesting the 'advanced' rigging. As per my log, I am building the same model, and am just completing the yards and spars. Now, have I made an error? I have already attached the spars to the 4 yards in question, but I see you have left them until part way through the rigging. If I need to de-attach them, it would be easier now than later..... What do you think please.
  3. Hey Wallace. Welcome to pull alongside anytime! I am a bit lazy with my posts, but will try and get more regular, though being rigging won't be 'riveting', as it were. This may be of help...https://goo.gl/photos/Tfzb86GvG98i6qCD9 I live near Victory, and in 2009, before they took the masts off, had a full tour of the ship. Speak soon. Mike.
  4. Getting on now that Xmas is over. Quite enjoying the yards and spars, and thanks for the tip about the rope coils. That is filed away ready. For the masts, I used an adapted model lathe, but the spars being too thin find that inserting the dowel into a power drill chuck works very well.
  5. It me again 

                     A couple of photos showing the jeers fitted .




  6. Hello max

                 Info for you.... before you fit the main and fore match in position  go to plan sheet nine.   Main mast,      Then plan ten for fore mast

    See the upper jeer blocks. ( I )Fit them in position now. Fit the thread onto the jeer block.  

    Go to the side elevation (right Hand side of the drawing) and you will see 

    how the rigging on the block runs under the tops. ( platform ) then fits onto the V shaped rigging thread which runs around the mast about 4 or 5 times. Fit the V shaped thread to the mast as shown.

    next fit the rigging thread from the jeer block to the V shaped thread.

    The jeer block should hang about  a. Quarter of an inch below the tops (platform).  The instruction in the manual tell you to fit the jeer blocks a lot later on in the build which is not easy at all. 

    The lower jeer block as you know is fitted to spar, and the blocks will be joined up when the spar is fitted.      Also notice the jeer blocks ( upper and lower ) on the drawing are both upside down on the drawing. The drawing is wrong.  Let me know if you don’t understand.   Regards   DAVID 




  7. Hi, and Merry Xmas fellow model makers. I am really rubbish at taking info from great forums like this, and not reciprocating, so New Years resolution is to keep my log up to date. I guess I have been building the ship now for 7 or 8 years. Started off when I was working, now retired, and largely a winter hobby. I am now at last to the Yards and Spars, then the dreaded rigging to come! On that note, I have just picked up more supplies from my local store (Fratton Model Shop, Portsmouth), and they tell me that the latest research is showing that the models have the rigging wrong, being a Victorian throwback. Thoughts are that the 'Battle' rigging was quite different. Hmmmm, have to think about that one. I have just thrown down a selection of current pics, showing the build to date. Also, the books I use for reference. Have shown my altered version of a model lathe for the thicker masts, though now I am finding just my normal drill chuck does the job nicely. Finally, the first Yard, Spritsail, see how that looks to you experts. If my build looks ok, I am happy to answer any questions if anyone is struggling. I am not the best in the world, but guess 8 years must count for something. Have a great New Year all. Mike
  8. Can I ask for some help please...... I have come to page 30, The Bows, and the 3rd paragraph is making no sense whatsoever!!! The issue is with pieces 395, Bow main rail inner timberhead, I really have no idea where and how these 4 pieces fit. Also, piece 394, as part of the same problem. Can I see a close up please of someones completed Bow. I will post some piccies shortly, not really too proud of the rails etc, but have done as good as I am able Cheers all
  9. Thanks guys. Yes, it is a medium CA, so I'll get some thin.....good point. Thanks for the comments, I do's me best. Good luck with your own builds...interesting to hear you have strikes in US too!
  10. OK, so moving on..... Presume it's not me, but as the pre lasered parts get smaller, the cut quality falls, and the pieces get really delicate. I found that to build thse parts, I had to layer the small parts with superglue first, then sand, smooth etc! Upwards and onwards.
  11. Help with build order please I am currently working on the Quarterdeck and Forecastle, page 21, but thinking ahead. The instructions are generally building 'up', but we still have the rudder and Stern Fascia to look forward to. It strkes me that it would make more sense, certainly to deal with the rudder, and the stern part of the hull under the fascia? Would any current/past builders be able to advise if I can safely change the order with no nasty surprises please? Thanks
  12. Arrrr, me hearties. Twas a right blowy day back in 2009, when that picture were took! Yes, as you say druxey, it was the flag lockers. Mike
  13. Please feel free to use these photos for reference purposes. I took them (280 odd) on a solo 'modelmakers tour' of the old girl just as I was embarking on the Caldercraft 1/72 build.....my new log is on the relevant forum. I will still retain all rights to the photos, so let me know if you want to use them for any other purpose. Good luck all. https://goo.gl/photos/Tfzb86GvG98i6qCD9
  14. I started this model apparently as far back as 2011, built it for a couple of years then mothballed it until just recently. I am now retired, so can dedicate some serious time to it. It is only my second model (after Royal Caroline), so I am still learning. That is where these forums are so wonderful. I shall be picking a lot of brains over the coming time, but I am in no rush. I am awed by the quality seen fromour fellow modellers,and if I can achieve 75% of the same quality, I will be well pleased. So, as you see, I am currently building up the inner and outer planking on the fo'c'sle and the quarterdeck. I do have a couple of questions if I may. Firstly, the main quarter gallery. OK it was some years ago, but to my knowledge this was built as per instruction. It does look however as though there is a lot of 'flat sheet' jutting out the sides of the stern quarter gallery. If I look in isolation at Photo 037 on page 39, it does show a certain excess, painted black on the top left. Still, doesn't seem right somehow. Second, having glued on the beakhead bulkhead, it does seem to have a fairly large lip above the Focsle deck. Again....may be right? Thanks all, looking forward to the continuing adventure.

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