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  1. Some progress has been made on Randle Biddle's Hannah since post #1. Decisions made, wood ordered, books ordered and even a little sawdust created. I've been closely following @tlevine and @JpR62 especially for their construction planning. The plans are published by the Nautical Research Journal and are available to NRG members for download. They include 5 sheets.... composite, full view, half breadth, body and stern views. The composite plan contains everything I have needed so far. With this sheet alone, I can bring it into a photo editor at full size, crop
  2. Ken, I meant to mention... hard wound is good if one wants to control the shape a little while soft wound will drape the way it wants.
  3. Hi Ken, I don't see any (what I call ) kinks in that shot. That line looks pretty good to me albeit a bit "hard".... slightly too tight and looks stiff. By "kinks" do you mean the first twists got so tight it kinked into a little lump? What formula (weight of thread, threads per strand, number of strands) did you use to get to .035"? Is .035" the size you want? Did it unravel? Mike
  4. Lou, did your time zone change? You're up very early! And thanks guys for the likes already. Jean-Paul, your Cheerful is one of the "open" style projects I've been watching and learning about. This Hannah is much smaller in below deck volume the Cheerful so I haven't yet decided how much to try to show. I'll be in the paperwork phase for a while spending extra time reconciling the views, locating small features, ... etc. 'Just trying to understand where bulkhead support might be needed or get in the way for that matter. Mike
  5. Recently, I became interested in ships of the Colonial era. From a forum post about Chaleur I came across a lead to an extended article by Randle Biddle at the NRG. It discusses a his new design perspective about the Hannah. I found the article very novel and well thought out and it will be a great model project for me albeit a challenge. The article also includes plans by Randle Biddle: The plans are published by the Nautical Research Journal and are available to NRG members for download. That’s a great bargain and well worth the cost of joining the NRG. The plans consist of
  6. Hi Ken, the crane irons look quite authentic. Just curious, are they metal, etc. ? Mike
  7. Fantastic. Great shot from the stem looking back and well done on the cap rail scroll work. Mike
  8. Thank you, I appreciate that. It was really good for me to go through that model. I channeled Thomas Edison ... learning 1000 ways to NOT do something. I'm going to build a doghouse with the scrapped basswood. I do really like Chuck's kits. Along with that, I'm considering a yet to be determined scratch 😬 project. The Morgan's proximity to me is one or maybe the Katy which has local interest. Thanks again, Mike
  9. The water turned out great. Very realistic. It even looks cold.🥶 'Love the views into the hold. You probably have this worked out but what LEDs are used? Typically, there is a current limiting resistor(s) somewhere in the circuit. Mike
  10. 'Just ordered Ships of the Past by Davis, Marine Research Society Publication #19, First Publish date 1929. I ordered the paperback, it's probably the 1977 version. Hoping to see something like the Katy. Maybe plans(!!!) Should be fun reading anyway. .... off to Mystic.
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