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  1. Thanks Joe. The presentation is based upon a model built by Jim Shoesmith. I took a photo of it while it was in the basement level of the New Bedford Whaling Museum. They were gracious enough to take me down there for a look. ... just took a long look at your Benjamin Latham project. What a great job. The photo in Post #94, among many others, is so realistic. I'm forced to confess that I bailed out on that model (very) many years ago when my planking skills were in short supply. At least with the MSW forum, I may yet stand a chance. Mike
  2. I meant to mention most of the shots I've seen come from either the Scottish Fisheries Museum or the Swan Trust in the Galleries section. https://www.swantrust.com/ .
  3. That's fantastic ... and scary looking! And thanks for the time you spent at Mystic. The volunteers there are great. My wife and I go there a lot.... well, I drop her off for shopping at the Village while I go into the into the Seaport. I'm considering the Morgan as a next project since it is so close but the thought of so many blocks, etc. does not really appeal to me. Possibly a scratch admiralty model with below decks cut away may work. ... not sure. One question re: the harpoon. Is the shank of the harpoon hammer welded to the cone or is fashioned somehow as one piece? The cone
  4. From all the wheelhouse pictures I've seen, they all look customized. Generally, I'd consider a small place for a chart as well. My guess is the wheel mechanism would be covered with a wooden cabinet/table which could also hold a small motor control and maybe even the binnacle depending on choice of it being cabinet mounted or on a pedestal. Spectacular as usual. Don't go too easy on the crew.. first coat hangers and seats... then leather cushions... pretty soon they'll want flotation devices and life preservers.. 🤔 Quick question... What did you use for window glass?
  5. This from the Scottish Fisheries Museum.. https://www.scotfishmuseum.org/parts-of-reaper.php Maybe all that's needed is the boiler below and piping to and away from the box. (???) For that matter, the piping may well have come up axially inside the capstan (??) Mike
  6. Another great update. Th photos are so realistic and crisp, one feels like leaning over to take a look under the deck. Mike
  7. Yup, love the small parts detail of the boiler & coal bin... including the darkening of the floor planks from coal dust, of course. Mike
  8. Leave out the nets... the fish will just be jumping into that boat! Great imaginative job as usual. Lights are a good idea. Mike
  9. Great look on the deck house... mitered corners and all. The red features pop very nicely. Are you using a sealer on the basswood or going straight on top with the color? Mike
  10. Hi PJG, I just now came across your build log. Great progress.. as usual, and remarkably clever. When I read about horizontal hull sawing all the oxygen left the room 😰 but what a great job! The wood combinations really work well together. Mike
  11. Hi Fentone, nice shaping work on the bulkheads. So your first exterior hull planking job is at hand. This whaleboat is a great project to plank... not to big and fixable if things go south. Maybe you have already done this but already but, if not, please read the planking literature and tips in this site before going any further. At the top of the forum web page see >> More >> Planking Techniques. There are time proven systems to do this to get great results and avoid a lot of frustration. i.e, the better we get at pre-bending the planks, the less we need to clamp. Ess
  12. Jean-Paul, I, just-in-time, went through your entire build log. Your model has a great traditional classy look to it. The detail is superb and the color combinations are great..... Is that the finish line you see out there? Mike
  13. Hi Alan, actually, I saw the idea of rolling the splice in one of you posts earlier this year and have been doing that ever since! My compliments.. it also balances out lumps & bumps. Thanks for looking in ... I've been taking a look at your Bellerophon CAD project. That is quit an undertaking! The learning curve for those programs is quite steep... again my compliments. I use some CAD software now and then for electronic circuit hobby projects and tried FreeCAD for the project enclosure. Mike
  14. Thank you Steve for following. I was just pouring over your Mayflower work... especially the planking. After seeing that, I'll be sure to do a practice planking project before a the next serious build! Very nice. Mike
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