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  1. Dear Michael. Your mastery of the instruments as well as your work performance culture fascinates and are the highest standard. I'm very happy to have the opportunity to observe Your work. My best regards, Alexander.
  2. My greetings dear Doris. I wish you a speedy recovery and getting back to your favorite pastime. Your work is an inspiration. My best regards, Alexander.
  3. Thank you very much, Karl, I have corrected my mistake. I'm very grateful for the information, but on the "SPERWER" this element looks simplier. My best regards, Alexander.
  4. I’m moving to the "oil" work. After a critical assessment, I decided to finalize some elements. I have modified zwaarden and made fasteners.
  5. When I have made some pieces. it comes to oil coating, lots of elements have to be attached before putting coating. SсhootoverloopFok.
  6. My dear colleagues, I wish you and your families Happy New Year! My best wishes, wishes of health, prosperity and inspiration. Happy New Year!
  7. My greetings dear Valeriy I haven’t worked with paper, although I have been reading a lot about it. Time ago I picked from several variations of caulking imitation, and chose this technology and from that time on I have been using only it. For several reasons – plastic can be surfaced and scraped very well in final polishing of the deck covering. And secondly, to my point of view, it resembles better the seal of joints on the deck. And thirdly, on these ships joints are very wide and paper imitation wouldn’t work. Even plastic had to be glued in two layers. My best regards, Happy New Year.
  8. My greetings dear Geert. This element of carving was made using nothing but incisor. For the finish processing I had to surface it using a wooden toothpick, fastened by microdrill. My best regards. Happy New Year!
  9. Hello Paul. I used plastic film for calking. I used this method when i was building "Carolina". All that one needs for this can be found in any stationary shop. Plastic bag for paper (they can be found in different colors and thickness) and two sides adhesive duct tape. I use the balck side of the plastic bag. I put the duct tape on plastic fim and cut it in stripes according to the thickness of the batten, it can be made with a small margin, then I separate protective paper from the strip and stick on the end of the batten, the allowances are cut off with the knife, - it's cutting off nicely. Here are several photos, maybe they can be of use to somebody. If you have any questions - it would be my pleasure to help. My best regards, Alexander.
  10. Now the insides can be seen only through the illuminator or the door.
  11. The final installation of the deck-house. I have coated the state cabin with oil. Probably, in the future, few will see it.
  12. I didn’t attach metal until the installation of a pillar. Macro filming, as usually, has shown a number of rough edges, but before oil coating they all will be eliminated.
  13. I have made one of the most difficult pieces, if I am not mistaken, the Dutchmen call it Mast-in mastkoker.

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