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  1. I logged in and the links to the last pics disappeared. I can look to see if I still have them on an old iPad.
  2. When I finally built this I soaked the wood in isopropyl alcohol and taped them to a form. Worked very well, especially on the ribs.
  3. Did you use any plans for these? Your dory's beam is much wider than mine and I really like it. It reminds me of what is called a "drift boat" and used on the rivers for steelhead and salmon fishing here in the Pacific Northwest. Pete in Portland
  4. Very impressive job on the scratch build. Did you cut all of the wood patterns by hand or did you use power tools? Pete in Portland
  5. Wayne, Thank you so much for that link. I visited the Apprenticeshop in Rockland this past summer and often dream of taking their courses to become a real wooden shipwright but at 62 and living on the west coast it will probably remain just a dream. Pete48, I hope to do a kit-bashed version of the smack (with a planked hull) that is in the same well worn condition as the image of the boat in hexnut's post above. A real example of a work boat with rust and wear and weather. When I see some of the stuff that the model car guys do to make a rusted beater and the weathering that the model railroad folks display - that's what I aspire to produce with my next attempt at the smack. Pete
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