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  1. Going to give it a miss, moving house again in a couple of weeks and I don't fancy trying to tie all the knots.
  2. Passing by a junk shop earlier this week this caught my eye so I popped in for a look, no name on it so I did a google and to me it looks like the Soleil Royale, it has sustained some damage to the rigging and they are asking £250 for it. Tempted.
  3. Winter eh! We have been basking in glorious sunshine in the north of Scotland and here's a short video that I took this afternoon and it's only minutes away. Don't know what the temperature is but I had to scrape the frost off the windscreen this morning and it was about 4c (41f ) at the time . 00010.MTS
  4. It could well have been but maybe I was a trifle over in my estimate of it's dimensions.
  5. On board the Jewel of the Seas they have a thumping big model of a sailing ship which is possibly six to eight in length and that model is what rekindled my interest in model ships, trouble is I forgot to take a photo of the thing and I never discovered what it was off. The ship was about a similar size to the one above and the trip was a nice easy way of visiting so many places. We both managed to escape without any lurgies.
  6. In between houses at the moment and I have what seems like a thousand and one things to do so it's way down on the list of priorities.
  7. Glued the first three pieces of a Bluenose 1:65 together.
  8. Not quite today but it was earlier this week, Bluenose B576 from Billing.
  9. We don't get as much snow as we used to years ago, 8c tonight with a tropical 10c later in the week. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2646088
  10. Many moons ago I went to my first air show at Lossie and if memory serves me well it was towards the end of RNAS Lossiemouth days. I can remember watching a Lightning taking off and going almost vertical within a couple of seconds of leaving the runway and later in the day possibly a Vulcan thundering skywards too. Talking of Vulcans I remember seeing about six of them flying in a straight line way up at what could have been their cruising altitude and that would have been mid to late seventies flying over Inverness on a fine summer evening.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation but the all the mouse clicking has been done and a Billings Bluenose off Amazon is on it's way north.
  12. Oops, forgot about that. The Billing version was tempting but they wanted almost £20 for postage and being a miserable old git I would rather spend my hard earned cash else where. My wanderings around this site have revealed some beautiful works of art. Norman.
  13. Good day people, after many years away from building (planes and boats) a Bluenose kit from Artesiana is tempting me to part with some cash and I am curious as to the quality of the kits. The last kit was a Billing Cutty Sark but it met an untimely end in a house move before I could complete the rigging.

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