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  1. 1/200 scale card model of Chikuma, a hybrid heavy cruiser that was eventually scuttled during the Battle off Samar following successful TBM attacks. Built this a few years ago...since I'm not a purist, main gun barrels, screw shafts and screws are metal. Railings are cardstock.
  2. Coupla' ships I've completed: Half hulls (688 Attack boat is carved out of balsa as I waited for a new blade for the bandsaw), HMS Halifax in Navy Board style and the AL kit of the Massachusetts frigate Independence.
  3. Hi folks. I've been building period ships for some time now (Admiralty board model of HMS Halifax, several kits etc.) and have branched into half-hull models for the past bit. Always looking for new ideas on building and specifically the history behind the real vessels. This forum seems to be a wealth of same. Kirk
  4. Quick question...might be embedded in this build log. What is the LOA of the model? Thanks in advance.
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