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    Started building wooded ship models in 1971. Most kits were from Blue Jacket out of Norwalk, Conn. at that time. I recently found that my hands were to shaky and my eyes were not the same. I found my self running away for model building until one day I was at an estate auction that had a number of pond boats and models in rough shape from the early 1900's. I hated to see these boats ending up in the trash and I purchased them all to restore. They are a piece of history and for my own satisfaction I wanted to save them all. The past five years I have been collecting and restoring old models acquired from estates, auctions, etc. I'm always looking for early 1900 pond boats, hand made models, folk art, ets. Condition is not a concern. Just the fact I can save a model, regardless of condition give me great pleasure. Some I restore completely and others I clean, refurbish but leave them in their natural state. At lease with bad eyes and shaky hands I have found a new cause. Anyone in the same condition may find saving a piece of history as gratifying as build a scratch. That way you can keep active and get the enjoyment of saving a piece of history . Thank you from Skiff Lake NB Canada. Pat

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  1. Just beautiful. The big Nor-Easter is just starting here in Fredericton. I will keep watching. Thanks. Pat
  2. Keith: Just beautiful and skilled detail. You are pushing me to much higher standards. I will be watching and learning. Thanks. Pat at Skiff Lake NB
  3. Hi Keith: I build my wife a Victorian house. This took a lot of heat off as she said I was spending to much time on my boats. Now she spends hours decoration her new home. It really works.....
  4. Thanks so much Jon. I have learned so much from the pictures above and I will be revisiting as a reference going forward. I acquired a 1930 hand made fishing boat from the North Shore of New Brunswick. the hull alone is over 36". I will be doing a complete restoration starting this Spring and I plan on starting a restoration log. I will coming back to your builds for your help and inspiration. By the way, the Blizzard hitting here today has completely shut down New Brunswick. 40" plus 60 mph winds. Pat at Skiff Lake
  5. Looks like one of the biggest Nor'easters of the season headed for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia tonight. People around the world please came and help us shovel out on Tuesday. Thanks. Pat at Skiff Lake https://www.cbc.ca/1.3978932
  6. Hi Jon: Fantastic work. I do look forward to seeing the completed Bluenose in person. As for the restiration project with you friend please keep me posted. Thanks Pat
  7. Thanks for the up date Michael. This is a complicated restoration for sure. Hope all is well and I will surely keep watching. Pat at Skiff Lake NB
  8. Carl: My home is heated with electric heat. For back up I have an air tight wood stove and my stove is natural gas. I can basically get through a long term power outage. Thanks for asking Carl.
  9. This was the same storm that devolved in the deep south a few weeks ago, killing 16 plus people in Mississippi and Georgia. The storm redeveloped of the coast of New England and turned into a powerful Nor-Easter and slammed Atlantic Canada. Tornadoes took the lives of many people in the southern US but here in Atlantic Canada several died or were injured by carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to heat their homes with generators and gas heaters over the 10 day period. Storms can change their features so dramatically while traveling from coast to coast....
  10. We had 24 hours of freezing rain hear a week ago. 133,000 home with no power for eight days. What a mess with all the trees and power poles down. Pat at Skiff Lake NB East Coast of Canada
  11. Beautiful, that she is. I only live four hours from Halifax where the Bluenose generally spends the summer. What a boat up close...Pat Skiff Lake
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