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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses. Based on what I'm seeing, its looking like for my purposes, a mill at this stage might be overkill. With a focus primarily on kits, nine times out of ten, I can probably get the desired results with the tools that I have and a little work. It seems like most everyone is recommending that I start looking at mills and more expensive tools after a I have a few models under my belt and I start to develop more experience and realize that I'm unsatisfied with kit offerings, both in individual parts and fittings, as well as subjects.
  2. But you could theoretically use a mill as a drill press though, right? With the mindset of being as economical as possible, I'm leaning towards the mill with the thought that it could fulfill both the purpose of a mill as well as a miniature drill press, vs a drill press that could only really be used efficiently for that specific task. Thoughts? Granted if in the future I wanted a full sized drill press for other projects not related to ship modeling, I'd probably go with a regular, normal sized press.
  3. Hi all, I wanted to make a post here and get a feel on people's opinions on this topic. I've been looking at the Proxxon MF70 and I'm trying to determine if such a thing would be worth purchasing given my situation. Basically, I do only kit builds at this point. At my current experience level, I don't feel that I'm quite prepared to dive into the world of scratch builds so, to keep it simple, I stay with kits. I have a couple models under my belt, the most recent being Amati's HMS Pegasus. I don't currently have anything on the bench right at this moment, but I've been following Ja
  4. A couple applications of ammonia with a regular paintbrush, then a coat of clear coat to seal it. Tony
  5. My second model. Far from perfect, but makes a nice home office display
  6. Just now jumping in on this build log, looks amazing so far. Chris's designs are fantastic as is James's work. I just finished Pegasus and I'm really hoping this one becomes available in time for Christmas. Question regarding the kit. Is the lettering for the ship's name on the stern counter photo etched parts? Curious about the font and size, etc, in case someone wanted to use the name of one of the other nine ships in the class like HMS Daphne or Narcissus for example. Though now that I think about it, I suppose that also brings up the issue of modifying the figurehea
  7. Very nice. How did you do the weathering?
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