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  1. Also meant to add if I uses frames and strips it may be easier could also get into the 30 to 36 inch range but need a super glass like finish on the hulls. Thanks
  2. Need advice, am taking a break from my victory and perusing a scratch build I want to tackle. The Hokulea a double outrigger canoe that was built in the 70s and navigated the globe. You Aussies and Kiwis should remember it made several stops in your areas My problem do I use basswood blocks and carve the hulls. Or basswood sheets that can be steamed and bent to form the outside hulls. Any help will be appreciated just in planning stage boat will fall into the 24" range. See attached thanks John
  3. Well I thought I better show some pics before everybody thought I had surrendered and given up the ship after cutting out all shrouds and ratlines. I'm satisfied with the outcome and now can continue with upper shrouds futtocks and ratlines. Had some repairs to complete I knocked off the bowsprit and dolphin striker and several gun ports, on one of the gun ports when using the nailer I caved in two inches of planking. This is the second time this has happened and I swore after the first I would throw it away and drill. After this second time I deep sixed it and donated to Davey Jones Locker. Now all is well and I am a happy camper
  4. First scratch build? methinks there is an elf helping at night! Very nice Grant -first class
  5. sos You do not need any help I promised myself I would not be overwhelmed by clutter. A place for everything and everything in its place. It created a huge problem I could never find anything. I was missing a mini-screwdriver and was accusing my wife of putting it up when she started laughing. She said and I quote "fool did you look in your hand!" true story. I now love my clutter where I can find everything sooner or later Don't despair your good. John
  6. Dead-eyes look great, to bad chain plates didn't work they looked good really ingenious how you came up with making them. I have trouble tying a knot. Also like the colored wood. Looking great. John
  7. To cut or not to cut. I thought loooong and hard about everyone's advice on ratline knots. Have 2 mast shrouds and ratlines smooth clean ends and 1 with nubs, or cut away all shrouds on the foremast and redo so all is the same. Grant hinted it can be an OK build live with it or redo and have a great build. Mark asked if I counted the knots I'm glad I didn't you see a grown man cry. I grabbed the scissors today and cut it all out. looks like bar shot got it. I think I made the right decision even though it will be a lot more work. Need to fortify myself now for whats ahead.
  8. Mark, What you see is what I have,about as basic as you can get. Almost forgot I have 3 cans of different diameter and sterno for bending wood. I'll throw them up there to back you up.
  9. Frank, Your right have hung up numerous times its like a briar patch. Thanks John
  10. Nick your right about the pins, was not happy with the way the futtock shrouds looked. Thanks Mark no problem you were right about the hitch gives a clean appearance will continue with that. Grant your right will finish main and mizzen then take a hard look and make a decision then. (cutting the shrouds was not cool wife's cat could not even scold her.) Appreciate all the sage advice. It helps and old man get on the straight and narrow. CAVEAT:TO ALL NOVICE MODELERS DO YOUR RESEARCH AHEAD OF TIME AND SAVE A STITCH IN TIME.
  11. I have a conundrum need the experience of the masters. Was working on the ratlines mainmast. Briefly: dachshund chased the cat, cat jumped on my back while I was trimming a line and cut 4 shrouds. I cut all mainmast shrouds and while starting over tied a partial ratline using Mark's suggestion (cow hitch) that is the problem see pics Cow hitch will be neat and clean- I had all ready tied ratlines on the foremast as you can see even trimmed close we have the nubs. To make a nice presentation I believe I will have to redo foremast??? Input please John
  12. What can I say being a Yankee moving south now I'm called a damn Yankee because I stayed. Sadly narrow minded people abound multiply and swell the tide of ignorance. If a wood model being built by a modeler & hobbyist is offensive to anyone than damn their torpedoes and full speed ahead. You should not be browbeat or intimidated by ignorance. BUILD IT many museums would love to have it as a donation. Sea Quest a state of the art Museum just opened in Mobile and would love to have it. I am going to build a CSS Alabama and donate it. History even though ugly and perverse should not be rewritten or erased. I've said to much. Good Luck John
  13. Have always finished. In the seventies had completed numerous plastic builds all large Soliel de Royal ,Constitution CSS Alabama etc. Two wood- Shrimp boat scratch built and a dory. Hurricane Fredric in 79 got them all nothing could be salvaged looked like the french fleet at Trafalgar. Obviously I do not count these. Was able to begin again in 2007. I only claim my Armed Launch, Revenue Cutter Diligence, and current build Victory since the others are in Davey Jones Locker. No matter how difficult you gotta get rabid and finish. Healthy New Year to all John
  14. Thanks, Thought I was up on my knots. Googled (3 different variations) I think the one that should be used is where both lines end up in the inside?? Again good advice re:mainmast. Always enjoyed the shrouds & ratlines it's actually the beginning of making a ship a ship enjoy the actual rigging more. Again thank you for your sage advice. Have prosperous and healthy New Year. John (almost forgot) ROLL TIDE the big A
  15. Have completed forward shrouds and ratlines, not happy with futtock shrouds may reattach with a smaller line.
  16. Futtock shrouds, %*%*%$$##&&&&%$& cannot print Rigging going better than expected. Have installed lower shrouds and upper shrouds and ratlines on forward mast. Started on futtock shrouds and up jumped the devil, could not get the proper tension, lines sagged. Had to cut out, remove bar and cut 2 upper deadeyes and reattach. at least did not cut a shroud. I installed the bar on the mast side had pecked around the site but cannot figure out what I did wrong. Is the tension on the line to be taut or a little slack thought maybe I pulled a little to tight?? As usual any help appreciated. Have to go to work no milk in the fridge baby needs shoes will check back for solution thanks to all. John
  17. checked post- all great suggestions I did purchase fly tying scissors because of the large openings for fingers, found they were extremely comfortable. will add some of the others you folks have suggested have come to rely on all of your experience and have saved myself from making mistakes like (cutting a middle shroud of 6 shrouds) thanks to all again John
  18. Greg, Drill Master 2" cuttoff saw by Harbor freight. $ 29.95. Sturdy little saw, clean cuts and angles. I have a problem with my knuckles popping when use a small hand saw and miter box. Get the extra saw blades. Best little saw for the money. Good Luck John
  19. jan, Sad thing it was water, next time I will omit the chaser
  20. Augie & Jan, I thought I left dumb at home but picked up dumber. I had that confused with another rc build I was looking at, had looked at the occre site numerous times. Drank to much water Thanks for the replies

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