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  1. CDW, Right on about heat. Not unusual to put 300,000 to 350,000 miles on a vehicle does not include engine idling time several hours when hot. would average 3 compressors over life of a vehicle. Many times felt like a crispy critter. Did enjoy winter.
  2. I'm with Lou, I have a huge collection of audio tapes that run the gamut. When I was heavy into surveillance (WHICH IS EXTREMELY BORING) my day went like this. A drive to B'ham, Huntsville, Biloxi, Tunica MS., Orlando FL. all over a tri-state area for a 2 or 3 day assignment sitting in the car for 8 to 12 hours the only thing that kept me focused were audio tapes and they kept me focused and did make the day go by a lot faster. Between the above and taking a beating in small boats for 25 years I'm surprised I can still walk. I still listen to my tapes when running errands I like the Richard Sharp series by Bernard Cornwell have played over and over waiting for tape to break or get garbled and draggy.
  3. Lou, I too liked the printed page, my daughter and son in law kept belittling me for not using more electronic devices. (my argument was after many observations of families in restaurants, shopping, attending different events most of them had some form of electronics, no interaction with other family members and were for the most part zombie eyed. Well this last Christmas daughter gifted me a Kindle Fire 7, and an Amazon Fire Stick. A lot of free Apps. Can hook up tp PlayStation Vue on daughters account. I was able to cancel cable, and the amount of free entertainment was mind boggling. I got hooked on foreign movies some Russian films are excellent. Between Prime Video and Netflix and e-books you have all the entertainment you ever need. Still have rules when we gather for family get togethers no cell phones, tablets, or gaming devices. Everyone sits together.
  4. One more, The last of my drivel, if we all got together in public we would look like a bunch of old biddies swapping surgeries and showing each other who had the most scars.
  5. Lou, We have talked many times about our surgeries, I was told they could do nothing else and I needed a cage low lumbar. I did a lot of research and decided I would stay on meds because I still had to work (12 hours in a car and driving 85 to 250 miles a day was not fun. At times I would have to get the Boss to come outside and assist me in getting out of the vehicle. If I had a fusion I wouldn't be able to work. I have 2 friends that had fusions, 2 years later they had to go back and redo the cage, it eroded the vertebrae above and below. They added metal to encompass the eroded lower and upper vertebrae. They are totally incapacitated and relay on morphine pumps and are totally mental and physical wrecks. The thoracic and neck fusions have a good success rate lumbers are a disaster. I'll stay with my meds I am able to work and enjoy life to a point with albeit with some restrictions.
  6. Dave, That was hard for me to give up, just sold my clubs was hard to do knowing swinging sticks was over.
  7. Lou, As Clint said you have to know your limitations.
  8. True to a point but Amazon is the Post Office and the demise of economical rates that are virtually non existent now. You are forced into Priority or fill the box flat rates. I had recently sent several packages, 7 to 10 day economy shipping was $ 18.00 USD 2 or 3 day priority was $ 20.00 USD. These are to the best of my memory at that time, not to long ago economy would have been in the $ 7.00 to $ 12.00 USD range. I get the present day economics, fuel, and other factors that play into this but Amazon has taken away and restructured rates of the P.O. hopefully the P.O. is finally making some money.
  9. Several things over the years has led to the demise of reasonable rates thru the U.S. P.O. there was a big diffence at one time over gound and priority express as much as $5 to $15 USD or more. Amazon and E Bay was the ruination of reasonable shipping rates the last several years. John
  10. Lou, All seems to be going well, don't do any stupid macho I can do anything tricks (your to damn old). I'm assuming you didn't have to shoot the PT guy. Did placing the 45 on the end table like I suggested help? Is Chewy becoming a therapy dog? If not keep more chicken on hand bribe the little devil. Hang in there do what PT guy says until he causes pain then shoot him and get another PT guy there's plenty of them to go around. John
  11. Perfection as always. Off subject but dealing with Scapa Flow there is a great read on the sinking of the HMS Royal Oak in Scapa Flow by Dilip Sakar survivor accounts when she was torpedoed by a German sub. Pretty hard read on what those sailors went through.
  12. Keith, Nice on portholes, I would have had to get a teen video gamer to drill holes. (My hands would be shaking like Don Knotts skit whos nervous I'm not nervous) be terrified of screwing up a perfect planking. Well done again.
  13. Keith, Wish I could offer a suggestion, but all this is above my need to know and pay grade. You may mock up a 5" to 6" length of wood by 4" wide planked with what you have used on the hull should be enough room to drill all suggestions. That hull is too beautiful to have a mistake on. Do not mean to talk down with your skill and ability just threw it out there.
  14. Dick, Beautiful build, what made me stare for a long time was the rigging of the rudder that's some real eye candy well done.
  15. Keith, Absolutely in awe of all your skill sets, man you whip this stuff out so quick and perfect I would still be trying to figure out the first plank. I bow to the MASTER.
  16. All the best take care, second chances are few and far between.
  17. I believe the consensus is nothing is set in concrete, if it feels right, is aesthetically pleasing to you and gives you that warm, comfy and fuzzy feeling nothing else matters. Sometimes we can get caught up in minutia.
  18. Gifted from daughter, and a surprise from my brother in blue (Lou (Imagna). Nice palm sander.  Handy survival tool ??? knife, compass, screwdriver, bottle and can opener, 2 wrenches, saw, and a can opener. Magnetic Velcro wrist enclosure, handle all current working little tools , no searching. Thank you Daughter. Lou my brother in blue gifted me the following I think is a Monitor hull 20 inches long. I believe he's hinting my imagination is dead build something unique.
  19. Shore leave posted under previous title need tried to change title to what have you received today help
  20. Tom, JoAnne's should have Tulle it comes in a variety of colors, Gdale put me on that one, I used black on my Vic. It has the diamond pattern. John
  21. This one was used at the battle of Vicksburg.

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