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  1. Thanks guys, I ordered the Carson MagniVisor
  2. Thanks guys for the quick responses. The Carson Pro looks like just what I need. Jim, the reading glasses are a good idea but unfortunately I need to use my prescription glasses too. Otherwise I just get a magnified blur.
  3. I'm wanting to get a headband style magnifier and I see that many people here have recommended the OptiVisor. Personally I don't want to loose my peripheral vision while using it. I would prefer something like what Chuck is using in "Chucks planking videos". Do you know what brand that visor is? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies. The Amazon links that GemmaJF listed is what I was thinking about.
  5. The ship that I am just starting to work on will require 1/8" x 1/2" strips for the plating but the kit came with 1/4" copper tape. Instead of trying to evenly split the 1/4" tape I want to get either 1/8" or 1/2" tape and then I will make a jig to cut the plates. All that I have found online is designed for EMI shielding, will this work ok for the ship plating? Will the adhesive stick to a primed or painted wooden hull? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. Well, it didn't take long to run into my first snag on my first build. I had read that the supplied templates didn't match the plans for the ship and that is true for my Phantom kit also. I'm just going to get some tracing paper and make another set of templates to the exact size of the plans. Even with the templates being off though I can tell that there is going to be a LOT of carving on my hull. The stern isn't too bad but the bow is way off and I'm not looking forward to that much of a challenge right from the start.
  7. Hi everyone. I've been lurking and reading old threads for a while and thought it was time to register and say hello. My name is Dan, I'm 58 and live in the Dallas, TX area. I've built several kinds of plastic models at various stages in my life but always wanted to try making a wooden model ship. I recently found out that a coworker is a model ship builder and after talking to him and seeing his work it brought the urge back and I decided to finally give it a shot. My first thought was to dive into the deep end with a complicated build like the Constitution, but common sense prevailed and my first attempt will be the solid hull model Phantom that I got from Model Expo. I haven't actually started the build yet, I've been reading a lot about the hobby in general and the Phantom in particular. I think I'm about ready to start work now so I've got the model kit, a starter tool kit, a printed copy of Chuck Passaro's practicum and my working area kind of organized so I am going to start on the hull shaping today. I'm not that confident with my carving ability so my dremmel will probably be used a lot and hopefully I won't have to use filler to fix to many mistakes. I'm sure I'll have some stupid rookie questions so please bare with me and wish me luck. Dan

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