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  1. Thank you all very much! This project has been a lot of fun and she has a home at the University of Southern Mississippi Center for Veterans Affairs. Thanks again for following along. Gary, no worries mate! From the looks of yours so far I think it’s fair to say you will eclipse mine. I’ll be following along as you go. Here are a few more pics before I close this baby up.
  2. Well Ladies and Gents, I’m calling this puppy done! Waiting on 2 gangway ladders and one anchor to dry and install then the plexiglass case goes on top. I really do appreciate all the likes and comments. They kept me motivated when down. I can’t name all the build logs I took ideas and inspiration from but I thank you all for them. Not sure what’s next. There are some leatherwork and woodwork projects that are calling me so it will be a while before I start something new. Besides, the weather here is good and the fish are biting! It’s time to dust off the fly rod. thanks again for all the help, Mark
  3. Growing up I the rural south, I never had “my tools” as a kid. You used dads or grandads. Axe, hatchets, handsaws hammers. I don’t remember at what age but but I’m sure it was pre teen when I graduated to a chain saw. The only instructions were, “that thing will bite you!” Luckily I still have all my limbs and fingers.
  4. Just another quick update on the Confederacy. Thank you all again for the likes. I have finally finished making all the chain wale assemblies for one side. She has been towed out and turned so as to finish the other side. I’m calling the port side done. Deadeyes and chains, 3 more stairs in the waist and finish the for mast and I’m done!
  5. Gary, she is really looking great! As for the fancy rail. It might be hard to get a nice flowing curve putting it on in pieces. At least is is with me. The reason I had a tough time is I used boxwood which was hard to cut on the model. If you are using basswood for the fancy rail, I would not hesitant using a full strip for the lower one. A chisel will cut it like butter. If I would have looked forward in the directions, I would have marked off the channel wales and not applied glue to the fancy rail in that area. Hind sight is always 20/20.!
  6. Chris, she is, in a word, stunning! If there is a flaw, it’d not to be seen. Congratulations on a beautiful model. Maybe someday my skill and discipline can match yours but I doubt it.
  7. Excellent model Peter. She is an absolute beauty! Doing a few tackles as you go sure helps with the sanity end of it.
  8. A real quick update. Today I tackled the waist rails. As with the chain assemblies, I opted not to use the photo etch. I used brass rod of appropriate diameter. Blackened before cutting. After 2 failed attempts I finally found the right method for me. I first laid out the holes for the uprights. Then marked the center on to the railing piece. next I used a scrap piece to set the height of the uprights. Next step was to carefully mark the uprights onto the rail piece and drill a hole half way through it. I see in the below photo I need to poly two steps and add a sheave! next I glued black construction paper to simulate the iron bands to the rail and attached the railing. It worked for me!
  9. Thank you WG and Tim. She is a nice model to build but she is one big puppy! Thanks again for your kind words.
  10. Skid beams are now in place. I got the chance to take a few pictures that do not show my neat, tidy work area. I’m not a photographer so this is as good as it gets. It is amazing to me, the mistakes that come through with a photograph. When I’m finished I will go through my photos and correct glue spots, scratched paint and that middle gunport in the bottom pic that’s hanging a little low! As always, thanks for the likes ladies and gents!
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