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  1. Mugje, thank you Sir! She has been a fun build. Glad you want to follow along. It’s getting to the fun parts. Also thanks to all for the likes. They mean a great deal.
  2. Good day ladies and gents. I finally finished the treenails on one side of the hull and put the last coat of WOP on it. Once finished with the other side I will be very happy I endured the pain of this detail. Cannons. I sanded and prayed Polyethylene on the laser cut sheet with the parts For the cannon. Then sprayed on the red. The parts are all cut and ready for finish sanding and assembly. it is amazing what a moments inattention will do. The rear axles are a bit longer than the front. A tiny bit! While cutting out the rear ones I got happy and dropped three of the front ones into the pile before realizing my mistake. I spent the next 15 minutes p, which seemed like an hour, measuring each with callipers before sorting them out!
  3. Before I blow my brains out putting in treenails, I started on a few sub assemblies. 1st was the rudder box. I used my quick and easy jig which is a piece of balsa with a scrap piece of laser cut waste glued to it. A few basswood pieces of different dimensions and push pins and you can do a lot of stuff. All I need to do is add the hinges and she’s ready to place.
  4. Jason, I used about 1 to 7 Jax Black and Water respectively in a bath.
  5. Mike, thank you very much! Even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.
  6. Thank you very much Edward. I’m having a lot of fun for my first foray back into ship modeling.
  7. Nicolas, ambitious indeed! As others have stated, start a build log, go very slow and ask lots of questions. Welcome aboard.
  8. The deck planking is complete. I can live with the mistakes. Time to start working on some artillery. Thank you all for the likes. It keeps me motivated.
  9. Allen, thank you Sir! I’ll take it down and redo.
  10. James, thank you for the quick reply. As you can see, the second batch is perfect. Yes, they were both pickled, neutralized, cleaned in acetone and blackened. Actually, the culprit was not leaving them in long enough. My question is, when I redo the bad batch, do I need to take them back down to brass first and start from scratch or just redo following the above without taking off what blackening is there.
  11. Ladies and gents, i blackened the cannons for the Confederacy I am building. I used dvm27’s excellent tutorial on this. As you can see, my first batch did not turn out so good. The second batch is perfect. I figured out what I did wrong with the first batch. My question is, doi need to take the first batch back down to brass before re blackening or just redo? Thanks in advance for advice.
  12. Very nice Glenn. I have the Cheerful up next and will be watching your build closely.
  13. Bob, there are lots of ways to skin a cat but if it were my project, I would paint the hull white. When dry, I would mask off the white stripe. Then paint the black and aqua color take off the masking and you are done. Just my two cents worth.

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