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  1. The painters finally arrived today. I always like seeing a bit of color on a model. I used Tamiya simi gloss black with my air brush. Also added the second fancy rail. My faults as a modeler are getting in to much of a rush and not paying attention to detail. The first leads to mistakes. The second means you didn’t catch the first mistake until later. The other side is planked to the top of the sweep ports. Finishing that side is next. thanks again for the thumbs up.
  2. Mike, absolutely beautiful! It’s nice to see someone from the old days. You have made a very fine model. Mark Fairchild, “Bossman”
  3. Thank you all for the likes folks. The encouragement means a lot!
  4. Just a short update. This model is one big puppy! With 1/8” wide planks you get nowhere fast. I should finish above the wales tomorrow and then can go to the other side which is planked above the sweep ports. As that is the side that will show I am hoping all I learned can be improved. My apologies for the poor photography. My camera is an iPad and that’s as good as it will get. Thanks for the thumbs up Gents!
  5. Rusty, that is superb work! The only thing I have against WNW kits is that they are so good they cry out for all the added detail that you have done a great job on, then you close up the fuselage and 90% of it disappears! Do you plane on setting her in a diorama?
  6. As Phil said, “hope is never lost”. Do you have a trimmed piece korabel? If so, cut a piece to fit exactly into the gap, put some pva glue into the seam and sand with fine paper while the glue is still damp. It will form an almost invisible seam. If you do not have an extra piece of the same wood, you can surely find something that will stain very close. Very nice work by the way! If after all attempts at repair fail to your satisfaction, display that side of the model to the wall.
  7. Edward, thank you very much Sir! I’m hoping she will clean up nicely once sanded.
  8. Good day Folks! The likes are much appreciated. I finally topped those pesky sweep ports and now working on the channel Wales. It’s a long way from perfect but I will take it.
  9. Does anyone else have one mistake compound on itself? While eyeballing the planking on the starboard side I noticed a slight upward bulge about 9” from the stern. It seems I made a 3/64” mistake while placing the batten for marking the the position of the top wale plank. Mistake #1. Now if you look at the 3rd plank from the top, the black strake, you can see that is a bit wider at this spot. Poor cutting and milling on my part. Mistake #2. By the time I would have made it to the top rail it would have looked like a humpbacked whale! So, off with their heads. The offending planks and those above are removed and the offending workmen have been fired. The new batten is correct and the lines marked. Now let’s see if I can make it look right. Gotta love this hobby!
  10. Welcome Bob and thank you for your service.

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