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  1. Very nice work! As for the brick work, which looks fine, once the stove and drip pan covers 60 % of it and you are looking down through beams and planking, anything you think “is not nailed” will disappear. I wish the progress on my Confederacy build was behind yours. Your log might have given me the discipline to slow down. You are making a beautiful ship model.
  2. Just a short update folks. I finally finished the two wheels for the Confederacy. The other binnacle is being painted. I can’t say enough good about the wheel kits from Syren. They are top notch and are so much better than the anything I have seen supplied with kits. I am now 9 months into this puppy. Maybe 6 more months and I’ll have her finished. Thank you all for the likes Folks!
  3. Nikolai, I think it’s fine. If you like it, do it. Nothing at all wrong with it. As you say, it sure saves on space.
  4. Spike, I have always used the method as you described. You can eyeball keeping everything straight. I would suggest having every line And block attached to every yard before hanging. That keeps working “in the air” to a minimum. Good luck.
  5. The wheels that come with this kit are under scale and look like 5 miles of bad road. So I ordered 2 wheel “kits” from Syren. They are fantastic. I will not go through the construction as the instructions are on Chuck‘S site. The first photo shows what is in the pack with a few parts in the jig. The second photo shows my 1st build. The second one will look much better. The boxwood is great quality. The jig provided makes construction straight forward. I will not say easy as with this many small parts, it can be a bit troublesome. Did I mention the small parts? I shaped the spokes by
  6. Qakeith, welcome to the forum. A wonderful job Sir! Those old Revell kits bring back lots of great memories. None as nice as building one you and your dad made years ago.
  7. Update on the shipyard activities. I have completed the main and mizzenmast rails. What turned out to be what should have been a routine operation on the main rails went south quick. I had a great plan. Attached the two outside uprights first. Attached the two middle uprights On the deck planking next. I Then pinned a false piece across the top of these So that I could attach the 2 inside uprights at the exact height. Perfect! Boy am I smart. Then when I went to attach the lower cross railing with the belaying pins, something was amiss. It seems I had attached one of the uprights on the wrong
  8. Peter, that’s what my space looks like when it’s tidy! Your Confederacy is looking very nice! Great work. The futures so bright you gotta wear shades.
  9. Robert, congratulations on finishing a fine model. She looks great! This one sure brought back some great modelling memories.
  10. Thank you all for the likes and encouragement folks! The shipyard is in full Swing this week. This is the quarterdeck planking scheme I have chosen for my Confederacy. Though different from the plans, Chucks directions say it is my choice so technically I am following them. Waterways and margin planks on both sides and one plank width past the combings. At present I do not plan on mounting the 6 pounders but may change my mind. If I do there will be planking only under the guns and they will only be mounted on one side, not both. I laid 1 plank, full length on each side of the
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