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  1. Hello everyone Progression on the bow. Realization of different sculptures, horse's head on the crown of the herpes, rider leaning against the sea horse of the figurehead, Naiade behind the herpe.Figures and overview Friendships Miche
  2. Some work on the rear deck. Two cannons of 4 that remain to be rigged, the officer's rooms, the chicken coops. Finishing of the cages with the fittings of the trap doors and the mooring rings. In anticipation the sculptures of the bow and the railings of the foreheads of the fellows and dunette. See you soon Michel Chambres sur dunette du SR2.pptx
  3. Hello and thank you for the compliment Indeed, the stools in a rotunda are not 17th century and rather English. The reclining seats of the Royal Sun will be double as on the Ambitieux which is of the same time and the same site of Brest. This is part of the ongoing construction stage of the foal grating floor. But I have at the same time to finish the decorations of the smooth and squat (Heads of lion and paws, sea horse on the top of the herpes and, hunk, the naiades against the horse of bow and behind the herpes. See you soon Michel
  4. Resumption of work on the hamstrings of foal. Face retouching of the cariatide davit holder
  5. Thank you all The sculpture work is done on a single block of boxwood. The tools are; Mini drill with flat sanding disc and round to rough, chisels of different widths, very small gouges and mainly a knife with round blade.
  6. Here is the support of the davit that comes to rest on the vertical bar of the herpes. The head is being sculpted as well as the lower shoe that will support this support by being fixed on the speakers. Careful and very long, the macro does not forgive anything.
  7. good morning Marc Actually you can find this excerpt in Cedric's document I had this document for a very long time and I had not exploited it, error on my part, it is a gold mine.
  8. In front of these important works, the means of Brest were revealed insufficient; and as early as October 20, the minister writes to. the steward Le Havre: "Siem Caffieri (Philippe), but a secteur, it is necessary in Brest, do not miss to order it from go there anyway, anyway, the work he may have begun at Le Havre would not be completed. But. at the beginning of November, he writes to her that having sent from Paris a master sculptor in Brest, it is useless to send Philippe Caffieri; and, I 10 of same month, he informs Desclouzeaux, steward in Brest, in these words: "The _Roy having charged t
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