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  1. Darrell, Bill and I have finished Harry. After over 500 est hrs of work and a year I have taken to calling Henry Grace a Dieu, "Harry." ....it's shorter and we are certainly familiar. He has been cleaned, his broken or missing parts are present, his sails are all rigged and he's ready for another hundred years. Thanks to all for your support and suggestions. Special thanks to the Powerhouse Museum of Sydney, Australia for the great photos of their copy of Harry. It was a valuable assist. Below, find the before/after shots
  2. the engine area was "worn" considering the boat was a coal-burner. No practical way to keep coal dust from grinding into the wood over time
  3. In this pic you might notice the major changes: the cabin is stretched; a cupola is added; the open aft seating is proportionately shortened; the cabin roof is patterned.
  4. very authentic.....ah, you might ask the helmsman to grab that bucket before... lol
  5. A Victorian steam launch kit bashed from Constructo’s “Louise”
  6. Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays, all. Sorry about updates. The masts and yards were shipped off to another club member to rig. Once they get back, I will complete the job.. In the meantime I've built a small stern-wheeler and am finishing the Constructo "Louise" steam launch. I'm sure the rigged masts will arrive soon. Till then, have a safe, healthy New Year.
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