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  1. Starting again. I/25 scale. Burned the sides, bottom, deck and cabin sides. Assembled the boat shell, added the cabin sides and the transom. The transom accommodates holes for the paddlewheel supports and the drive shaft. Printed a new "engine" and toilet. (still needs cleaning) The original engine attempt was one piece resulting in an item too rough and imprecise. Instead of making the engine one piece, I got more precision and a cleaner look by breaking the small pieces down and gluing them together. Some more prominent tubing, like the gas feed, is represented
  2. Thanks for the support..........however, my transfer of drawings, scaling and uniformly matching-up "burned" parts sheets; Too rough an engine part; and just disliking how this model is coming, I am scraping and restarting the model.......stand by
  3. This should make the knee of the keel much stronger than more usual Method using straight grain Pieces of wood. Well engineered sir. Questo dovrebbe rendere il ginocchio della chiglia molto più forte di più metodo utilizzando grano dritto Pezzi di legno.Signore ben progettato
  4. You really need to switch those shields.... or at least let the guys switch seats! Seriously, remembering the trials the castles caused, they are a magnificent "crown" to your achievement ship.
  5. This is sooo much more complicated than many builds. The complicated wood manipulation is commendable. ......and a good lesson for many of us. I've run into a few types of these complications but for them all to converge in one build is mind boggling.
  6. Really like your design of the figures. look forward to seeing the finished figures.
  7. This is magnificent. Your carvings and research are exemplary. I'll be stealing your carving techniques but I'm not sure I have the endurance to carve this number of figures. Obviously a labor of love. By the way, aren't the shields for the Sixteenth and seventeenth port side rowers reversed?. 🤗😉
  8. Great job with the rudder. When something bothers you, removing the problem is often the correct approach. You're more satisfied and others will appreciate the improvement too. Your cog is probably put together just like one was constructed in medieval times...loosely planned and adjusted on the fly. As long as building it is fun, keep at it.
  9. Still working on the details, I engineered and printed a facsimile of a 3 cylinder, 2 cycle gas marine engine
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