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  1. Kevin, I was not home for a week and now I see your comment. Many Thanks! You are embarassing me. Unfortunately, my model is not that good. Especially since I'm not done yet. I will continue to try my best and use your blog as a guide. - Heinz-
  2. Hello Kevin, your victory is so impressively beautiful. I keep going back to your blog to see their pictures. It is for me guidance and motivation in one. You can be very proud of the result! Many Greetings -Heinz-
  3. Robert, very beautiful and many good ideas on your Victory 🙂 Keep it on! -Heinz-
  4. Time for a new update. In the meantime, my Victory has turned 6 years old. No idea when she finally grew up. I started with the foremast now. As always, I only use my own walnut wood. It's very nice, but hard to work with, because it's very hard. This makes it very tedious and exhausting. In addition, I do not suggest the metal bands around the mast with an adhesive strip and paint, but they made of wood. That also means a lot of filing and sanding. As you can see, I already started with the Mastheat. For the small wooden slats I needed new wood, which I had to wait a few days for. Of course, everything is just plugged together and not yet glued. I hope I do not overlook important steps. I look regularly in my books and here in the forum. Thanks to Gil and Kevin and the others for the many great pictures, where I can orient myself! All in all I am not as far as I would like to be. Everything takes a long time. And in addition I have rebuilt something in my cellar. I got a large wooden table (2 x 1 meter) and cleared out the old workbenches and kitchen cabinets. That stole me a weekend :-). I wish a nice Sunday! -Heinz-
  5. Robert, Wallace, Boyd and Kevin! I am touched, deeply moved and honored by your great compliments. Thank you so much !!! @Wallace: I've learned so much from this forum myself that I'm happy and proud when others can learn something from my post. @Boyd: You're right. I will now proceed stubbornly according to plan and look at every detail first, what I find in my books and - not least - in the forum with the other model makers to do so. @ Kevin: I hope that I can fascinate you with my work even longer :-))) But as you can see here: Sometimes I had some help with building my model. But mostly they were busy with themselves 🙂
  6. Thank you Kevin, Yes, Gil is one of my favorite too. I look to his blog so many times, again and again. I will continue to do my best... -Heinz-
  7. thank you very much for your nice words. And, yes, I am very proud of my model and what I did so far. But I know all the mistakes and want to make it better at the next model 🙂 Does anyone know if and when Chris Watton brings his Victory model kit on the market?
  8. I do not know if it was a mistake to start directly with the rigging. But I thought that right now I could get along well everywhere. And maybe there is more stability for the masts. At the moment I stopped the rigging and finished the jib boom. Could you give me a hint here, how I'm doing the best? In general, I have to say that I am really scared of rigging. Not because of the work itself. I dare to do that. And I have the patience, too. But the plans are so difficult to read. The German translation is a gibberish and riddled with pseudo-technical terms. Although I have hardly started with the rigging, I realize that I lack a lot of experience here. I very much hope that my model will not be totally devalued or fail. I wish you all a nice evening and look forward to your response! Your -Heinz-
  9. In the meantime I started with the jib boom. Since I do not want to use colors here, I had to buy new roundwoods. Unfortunately, my carpenter could only get me walnut wood, so that all masts and yards are kept in typical brown. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get all woods in the right strength. So there is a lot of work to do, to mast the poles to the right thickness, to file, to sand ... Of course I then had to come up with something with the metal bands. I made small wooden rings around the masts to simulate them. Unfortunately, I misunderstood the drawing / instructions and made too many of them ...
  10. And now the new photos. First of all, I had to rebuild some smaller parts and the front nets. However, I was not satisfied with the old ones either. Kimba did me a favor 🙂
  11. Hello dear friends! It's been a long time since I wrote a new post here. My dad got seriously ill at the end of last year, so I had to take care of him with my mother. He was hospitalized for 4.5 months and died on 22.01.18. During this time, I could not work on my Victory. Even then it was not possible, because I got two young cats (Kimba and Minka) in the middle of last year, which unfortunately ruined some parts of my ship. In the meantime, I have renovated our cellar and turned it into a modeling-room. Now the two models (of me and my dad) are in a cat-safe room. However, my cats are still often there when I work on the model. But now, they are in control! I'll show you some photos from last year that I have not posted yet. And then I jump into October 2018, when I started modeling again. First of all, though, I had to redo some parts ...
  12. Hello Robert, I was not active in this forum for more than a year and did not pursue it intensively anymore. But today I want to start again and start with a compliment to your great work. As charter33 has already written: an inspiring and very accurate work. To see the pictures again makes so much desire on modeling! Keep it up! Many Greetings -Heinz-

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