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  1. I have to apologize. I forgot to post the promised photos ... As you can see, there is not much progress. But there will be times when I will work more on my Victory ... I promise! Have a nice Sunday everyone! Heinz
  2. Thank you! All is well!! It´s just a matter of time. I found a nice woman. She is from Thailand. We plan to move to Thailand sometime when we are financially independent. Until then, I'll try to learn the language and have signed up for a language school. It is very difficult and takes a lot of time. But that's life... I will take some actual photos of my Victory afterwards. Then you see that unfortunately not very much progress ... Best -Heinz-
  3. Hi Dean, Thank you for your kind compliment. My rigging drawing? I work with the Jotika kit (Caldercraft). All plans are included here. I just use different materials to build my Victory. That's all! Best -Heinz-
  4. Hello Joseph Ford, sorry, I just saw your question. Unfortunately I don't understand it. What do you mean by "status of this ship model"? Of course it is still under construction. And unfortunately there is no end in sight, as the following work is new territory for me. I have never rigged a model. And I'm having trouble understanding the plans. So it will take me a lot of time ... Did I answered your question? Thanks for your compliment! You´re welcome! Heinz
  5. Thank you for the great compliment. I am really very proud of my victory and my past performance. But first class ... there are other model builders like Alexandru. What they do takes my breath away. I'm far away from that. But I am very happy about your words !!!
  6. Hello Martin, I am very happy about your compliment. I also get a lot of inspiration from this page and the many great models here. I wouldn't have gotten this far without this site. Have fun with your model. And please log in when you start. I would like to see it! All the best! -Heinz-
  7. Thank you very much, Robert, I really appreciate your opinion and appreciate your compliments!
  8. Thanks so much for all the nice words. I try to do my best and learn a lot from all the good posts in this forum. Thank you! I am very proud!
  9. Thank you, Ludger. Of course I sand every part that I build. Due to the fact that I don't use paint, I use my own wood. I trim most parts to old with the black wood paste. And then I paint the wood with a matt wood varnish. I am really glad you like the look. 🙂
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