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  1. Speaking of acrylics, I've overcome my fear of them and have had great luck with Tamiya acrylics. Here's the bottom of my Emma C. Berry; a mix of 5 parts XF-7 red and 1 part XF-64 red-brown. Steve
  2. Started putting on the lettering today. I'm using Woodland Scenics MG703 Roman R. R. Gold. On stern "Emma C. Berry" is 3/32 size; "Noank" is 1/16 inch. Gold will need a bit of re-touching with gold paint. I tried 1/8 inch along bow; it's too big and will be sanded off tomorrow! I'll use the 3/32 as on the stern. Steve
  3. Some more progress on the ECB. Had to deal with the decorative white striping; decided to handle that by ripping some very fine strips, painting them, and gluing them on. Next, dealing with the lettering. Ordered a set of gold rub on letters. Good news is that the font matches the real ECB very well. Bad news is that there are only 2 "M's" of the required size, meaning that even if I don't screw any of them up, I'll need a total of three sheets. Oh well, we've come this far...... I'll paint up some wood to practice applying, using un-needed letters. Attached is a photo showing how I've "mocked up" (or maybe mucked up) how the letters hopefully would be applied. (BTW, the planks are actually tight..as previously stated I beveled the edges to make them show up after paint. May have overdone it a bit....) Also I completed the chainplate-deadeye assemblies. Used Chuck's deadeye "kits". Very nice. My soldering skills need some tuning, though. I may actually re-make them. Comments, suggestions, and taunts solicited! 😄 Steve
  4. Thanks! As far as the holes for the wet well goes, from what I can see of the actual boat at Mystic, those no longer exist and the model is based on a relatively recent reconstruction. I've chosen to leave them out. I also put a slight bevel on the plank edges to make them show when the hull was painted. No sense doing all that work if you can't see it! I'm working on adding the white side trim pieces today; I've cut very thin pieces of stripwood which I will paint and then apply. I'll post a pic when that gets finished, probably tomorrow. Steve
  5. Hi Folks, I've made some progress. Here's the hull so far. A few comments: I've been airbrushing Tamiya acrylics and have been very pleased. My LHS guy suggested I use the acrylic with Tamiya's lacquer thinner and it works well. The "red-brown" under the waterline is a mix of 5 parts XF-7 red, and 1 part XF-64 red-brown. These dry dead flat so I oversprayed everything with some leftover Floquil flat, which is more of a satin/eggshell. I'm also feeling better about the natural wood for the deck. The white oval trim along the stern is more prominent than in the actual boat, but looks pretty good. Headed to Woodland Scenics for rub-on gold lettering; any other suggestions are welcome. Next up will be the white trim along the sides, and installation of chain plates. I've ordered Chuck P's deadeyes; while I've ordered his blocks for other kits in the stash I have some old Warner Woods blocks I'll use here. They're quite nice. I haven't provided a detailed blow-by-blow description of the build but if there are any questions, please ask! BTW, about 170 hours up to this point. Steve
  6. Testing...the photos I posted are pretty small. Trying a larger file size. Steve
  7. Hi Folks, Well I've finally gotten back to my ECB. Been working on the cabin, and have the bowsprit shaped. I've also got the caprails installed, and hull pretty much painted. Here are a few photos; more tomorrow. Steve
  8. David O'B and others.....I'm getting ready to dig into the Emma C. Berry again; been distracted by health issues but I'm back in the saddle. Will post again soon! Steve
  9. I'm back!!! After a summer off from shipbuilding (gardening, lawn work, maybe a little fly fishing!) weather is cooling off and I can get back to work. Spent the last couple days installing knightheads and stanchions. Not the greatest fit but lots of shimming and fussing got them in! I'll keep you posted! Steve
  10. I know Port Leyden very well! My daughter lives near Brantingham Lake. The locks preserved along Route 12 are very interesting; I have to visit the museum in Boonville. And Tigersteve, welcome aboard! Will try to get something accomplished tomorrow. Steve
  11. Coamings installed and making progress on decking. Using the supplied basswood, I'm going to leave the finish natural. From what can tell the Emma at Mystic now has the deck painted black; I'm going to paint the rest of the boat so I really would like to see some natural wood. Artistic license! I'm using a mat finish lacquer from a spray can and will rub it down. BTW, I deliberately sorted out my deck wood by shade, and tried to vary the shades of adjoining planks to add contrast and "interest". I'm not sure that I'm happy with the result, it might be a little "much"! You can see the importance I place on an orderly and neat work area! The color to use for the bulwarks and sides of cabins is a pale off-white, cabin roof and hatch covers are a more yellowish "buff". I have a couple Floquil railroad colors in my stash that should work but they're up at the lake so I'll let you know what I will use over the next couple days. I won't make much progress this coming week (I'm drywalling and taping my daughter's garage) but hope to finish the deck, do some sanding and filling of the hull, and start the bulwarks. Please let me know if you have any questions! Steve
  12. Here's little Sullivan, 18 days old. Very impressed with my workmanship. But you'd be tired too if you worked on a chain gang all day............ Steve
  13. March 13 in Upstate New York!!! Planking is going pretty well. Lots of spiling toward the bow. I use proportional dividers to determine plank width at each frame. Steve

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