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  1. Let’s talk about the stern transom...... Binging the Nick document this is what he says..... The stern transom The stern transom appears to be composed of baulks of timber in three layers plus a layer of thin sheathing on the outside. The timber is fairly degraded and it may be that the inner layer has split neatly in two, in which case there are only two layers plus the sheathing. The inner layer(s) are fitted inside the main planking; presumably the ends of the strakes are fastened to this inner transom. The outer layer is aft of the end of the main planki
  2. Building the mold I’ll make the base first Then the false frames Assembled Interesting to see that since now the clinker planking is already marked in false frames.... let’s remember that this ship has a very special planking process.......several layers with different joint systems
  3. Once I sent this mold to the expert......guess what.....It was not that right..... If you take a look the blue line in very end of the bow is what I have. The thick gray line is what should be. So I made the correction.... Now I can move forward. Since I’m not an Autocad expert..... I usually check the forms with the LOFT function..... I realized that the false frame 4 front is not right....... son another correction...... and finally we are ready to go!!!!! These are the false frames (all but the master).
  4. After some changes (you won’t notice). The final form is ready. The blue line will be the sheer. The red elements (missing some adjustments) are definitive and the remaining ones are just for the mold
  5. Not at all!!! These kind of projects are all the same difficult. But since you already was “here”. Any help will be appreciated ☺️
  6. Thanks to you all. I hope we all (included you all) will get there. I decided to start with the hull forms decision so here we go again..... Starting from this.... the Nick projections ( he has been really clear about the sails...they must be squared not like he suggested in this picture) Imported to Autocad and “built” the hull..... This is giving me the Idea about the hull, bow and stern. Again... this is a ship that no one has seen before. I have to count on the junk construction methodology ..... I am really surprise by the “plank
  7. A friend of mine from Spain.... Ricard Llorens has this book Since has been too difficult for me to get it.... he is sending photos from some chapters for instance..... look these it is a box of surprises. Those are rudders all depends on where are they from. The “century” etc.... all differents or these..... anchors. Same thing.. now. To investigate which one is the most adequate ☺️
  8. I’ve been lucky ( a lot ) to have the possibility to be in contact directly with NICK BURNINGHAM the author of this one..... ...he has been so kind with me ( a lot of patience because I tending to be intense ). Since this is a ship that no one has seen before, we will need to bring a lot of imagination to complete it. Let’s start with the basic lines plan, this one came from Nick And from this.... I’ll need to bring our ship alive!!!!!
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