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  1. Steven your level has served to me as inspiration and motivation to try to take my models to the next level congratulations!!!! and now what is next? GOOD JOB!!!
  2. Hello all...... I already brought the diorama Base...... The idea is to build a dry dock “simulation...... and in the back side I’ll build a “wall” simulating the Sahure King tomb (. Let’s remember that the “Byblos ship pictures were found in his tomb)..... Well...... I went to the “odonthology” method.... and using the PLASTER CASTING material I created the “wall”..... but first I took the drawing from Landstrom book, imported to Autocad and created a full picture with 25 cm long.... Then I put it over the “wall” and wi
  3. Thanks a lot to you all. Your comments an your likes always motivate me to start and most important “to finish”. I’ve seen a lot of unfinished projects in different scenarios, which is really sad. with all this positive comments you all make me blush. Next I have several alternatives but looking for 1. finally to have “my viking” where with the help of this forum, there are enough research and documentation. 2. a Quanzhou Ship. Which is a first century Chinese Junk. Where there is not that much information (pretty less that the Egyptian one)
  4. This happens a lot when yo build a “ real” thing. You realize that plans and theories not always can be executed GOOD WORK LOUIE!!!! 👍
  5. You are right Louie. After looking the stone composition and definitions it is the same stone
  6. I already ”made” a false stop in my showcase...... Still the yards to make...... and the ship is really finished. I started the diorama design already. This is going to be a new adventure!!!!! Thanks all for your support!!!
  7. Here w go again..... This time we are going to work in some fittings..... This picture “suppose” to be the mast elevation system. I consisted (according with Landstrom mainly) in two stones that with a levers help..... For these stones and for the anchor... I decided to work with a kind of stone named “powder stone” or “talcum stone” (probably you all have different name for it). Is kind of stone really easy to work with. I made the pieces using basically the dame tools I use for wood, finishing them with a wired brush to give some
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