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  1. What a wonderful work. I’ve been fighting with my Quanzhou for 3 weeks now. But looking your job..... I’m motivated again to restart!!! congrats
  2. What a good images!!!!! I would really like...LIKE.......LIKE!!!!!! TO BE THERE!!!!!!!
  3. As some of you know me...... let you guess...... I did not like it. The final result was not that good. Mono color and it did not look natural. The real thing was bamboo slices...... So I decided to go for a new tryout.... Lighter and thinner cardboard.... Some vinyl paint.... Cut it in 1 mm..... Then...... Definitely looks better and.......... Look at the bamboo 1:54 scale...😁....... I finally found the way to simulate the bamboo...... 1. Some brochettes bamboo sticks 2
  4. Some other fittings I am working on are the “tents” that I’ll put on the deck. According with some photos..... Some other fittings I am working on are the “tents” that I’ll put on the deck. According with some photos..... Looks that these elements are built with some kind of wicker..... also according with Nick in this particularly zone of China this wicker has the pattern that the picture has. Instead of “plane weave”.... Should be “twill wave”...... I just found some “old style” envelopes cut the 2 mm strips and
  5. Thanks Steven you are one of the guilty ones who waked up this “dark” side of my br😄in I enjoy it a lot
  6. At the same time, I’ve been doing my research about some fittings........ Sails...... The junks sailing is as most of you already know, are something that make a junk a real junk 😀. You can see a lot of different styles..... some examples Most of you. (Included me) would think that there will be no difference about whatever I choose...... BAD NEWS !!!! NONE OF THESE ARE CORRECT!!! Let’s try to explain it..... The sails by this era according with the archeologists suppos
  7. Don’ even think I abandoned my project!!!!!😊.... Thanks to you all for “pushing me” to the excellence. Since you are following this project, I’ll always do my best to fulfill your expectations and of course mines too. It is been a real challenge moving forward with the bulkheads...... so far 9.... The difficulties that I’m facing now, are that since this hull is planking first, the form is not that “perfect” so it is really necessary to finish the bulkheads/frame first in order to continue with the planking. I actually realize that there are some misaligned frames that will
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