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  1. As I promised here the ship in its new home 😟. It is sad to see it finished but it is so rewarding to see it finished 🙃. I’m going to miss you 😔. Ready for next one!!!!
  2. I have it on my list. I got the monography few years ago but I’ve been really scary to start it. the carving 😳 make me cry. congrats!!!! Really well executed
  3. Nop. I tried but it was hard to “stop” the cut un the cross. I did it with scalpel and..... a lot of patience
  4. Here we are again.....progress in the base..... First I made a stone simulation/distribution in the MDF Second I applied the stone-cast on top of it, making sure that the stones joints needed to be marked I installed the wood beams.... Third.... I brought the stone wall and the ship to see how the set is looking..... in the showcase Then. We need to age the stones and start installing the sand..... WE ARE REALLY CLOSE !!!!!!
  5. Really good Idea. I’ll try it next time. What I use to do is to join two pieces of wood with a doble side tape an work on them as they were just one. After you finished it you separate them and you have two identical pieces
  6. Dick What can I say???? Beautiful job!!! A lot of technics and tricks...... I can no wait to see your next job congratulations
  7. Starting the carving...... And.... let see the final result with the capital included...... I could not hold the temptation to see it beside the ship....
  8. Here I am again....... I just decided to add a couple of columns...... In the left one, I’ll go with King Sahure and his wife Meretnebery And in the right one will have god RA (sun god) and god Anubis (tomb guardian)..... Let’s see a little bit of the process.... Now let’s put them together and let’s see how is going to be in our base....
  9. Try with a blind-ribet this “method” is not mine. Take a look in Facebook - Liberto Amate Aguilar. His is a Spanish Modelist. Really good an has a Viking
  10. For the “first” floor I decided to go after a Egyptian shipyard....... this suppose to be the “original” It was not found in the Sahure tomb. It was found in a Tomb named “The Mastaba of Ty”. Also from the fifth dynasty. I took the first picture imported it to Autocad scaled it and....boom.... With a carbon paper I copied it in the wall..... And started the carving process..... Once I finished (one week later..., or at least I thought I finished.... this is the result Then the oc
  11. Take a look this other idea I just took a sewing pin. I flattened in a belt sander. Made the head squared (very carefully) and blued. The sewing pin should be iron. Not steel
  12. Steven your level has served to me as inspiration and motivation to try to take my models to the next level congratulations!!!! and now what is next? GOOD JOB!!!
  13. Hello all...... I already brought the diorama Base...... The idea is to build a dry dock “simulation...... and in the back side I’ll build a “wall” simulating the Sahure King tomb (. Let’s remember that the “Byblos ship pictures were found in his tomb)..... Well...... I went to the “odonthology” method.... and using the PLASTER CASTING material I created the “wall”..... but first I took the drawing from Landstrom book, imported to Autocad and created a full picture with 25 cm long.... Then I put it over the “wall” and wi
  14. Thanks a lot to you all. Your comments an your likes always motivate me to start and most important “to finish”. I’ve seen a lot of unfinished projects in different scenarios, which is really sad. with all this positive comments you all make me blush. Next I have several alternatives but looking for 1. finally to have “my viking” where with the help of this forum, there are enough research and documentation. 2. a Quanzhou Ship. Which is a first century Chinese Junk. Where there is not that much information (pretty less that the Egyptian one)
  15. This happens a lot when yo build a “ real” thing. You realize that plans and theories not always can be executed GOOD WORK LOUIE!!!! 👍
  16. You are right Louie. After looking the stone composition and definitions it is the same stone
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