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  1. Hello,

    I saw the Billy Ruffian was maybe next in queue. What about HMY Fubbs? The model in the NMM has a fully detailed cabin area and the yacht itself was in service for a long time.

    The tumblehome is eye-catching.  Not sure how the painted frieze can be supplied for the fat-fingered like me not to mess up.

    Thanks for listening.

    Restoration ship model fan

    1. chris watton

      chris watton



      I will not be doing Bellerophon, but I do plan to do a 64th scale Bellona. Next kit will be the brig sloop Speedy, followed by the 50 gun 2-decker 4th Rate Bristol.


      For the painted friezes, I usually design them in very this photo etched brass, as the background can be painted first, and the frieze patterns painted and then applied to the background.


      Thank you,



  2. This highlights a problem we have with many glues when double planking. Some kits recently have perfectly cut out second layer planks using the magic of computer drafting and lasers. I found CA problematic when making even small errors and pinholes couldn't be closed by a drop of water. PVA made the thin veneer cup and cup and cup and the pin count shot up... frustrating. Having burned myself many times with the tiny irons used to cover model airplanes, a bigger iron at full steam.... Single planking is not so bad if you are willing to putty and paint but maybe it's b
  3. First: wow, great, wow - I wish I could do half as well. Next: I wish you would make cool kits for the ham-handed and unskilled like me. Last: wouldn't a hook - as key to the rigging as the one in this photo under the flag - be moused? If you Bing mouse a hook there are two examples. Again, amazing, amazing work.
  4. Hello, 144 quarterly issues, 4 books -- complete. 42 year treasure of the best modelers best efforts. 420 dollars with between 20-40 for boxing and mailing. Nav
  5. Chuck and I are friends, and he suggested I might try posting here. I live in central NJ. He thinks paper magazines wont sell, but I hope they will for paper money to buy wooden kits. Model Shipwright 144 issues and 4 books.
  6. Then there is a re-release by Amazon of the Fox Series (14) by Adam Hardy. ... Read them 2x long time ago, then gave them to a friend to enjoy... and forgot who!
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