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  1. Hey Carl, I figured I could work on the superstructure. Minimal sanding and some hand painting. That in itself should take in a lot of time. I really wanted to make this boat into an RC vessel, but I think I'll just keep her static to save on the headache. Maybe a single screw boat would be better suited for an RC boat starting off.
  2. Hey everyone, I fell off the grid for a bit. We did move from western Canada to eastern Canada, then back west again. It was fun for me as I love travel. My wife however, not so much. That's where I've been. Anyway, we moved from a house to an apartment. I have not lost interest in the least, I want to jump head and eyes back into the boat but it's hard to wrap my head around how to make this build work in an apartment. I am mainly concerned about the sanding, glueing and epoxy applications and painting. (( Keep in mind )) I live in a region whe
  3. Hi everyone. I haven't thrown in the towel. I'm in the midst of preparing to move across the country. I'll get back into it when life gets out of the way. Terry
  4. I messed up a few windows on the rear port side of deck 1 cabins. I attempted to repair them but realized I was making it worse. Its one of those times when you just have to realize when to stop! So I improvised and decided to install "storm covers" over them. After all is sanded down, and window box inner and storm cover trims are applied, it will look better. Ill ensure to install micro hinges to those storm covers guys, no worries 😁
  5. This is just the first coat of primer to show me the hills, valleys and pinholes. I have some more light fill and sanding. Some areas "look" rough, but the lighting and shading accounts for some of it. This hull is a solid as a church. The inside is very rigid as it's epoxied with fibreglass cloth..... and two clothes pins!
  6. Thanks guys. There are days I get a small hint of the novelty wearing off and feel guilty. Then I Thanks, nah it's ok to not be at it "every day
  7. The bow & bell are working out great. It's obviously not completed yet. Fill and sand, fill and sand. To the non builders, it doesn't look very good, but it's only due to the various shading of fillers. The paint and wax will prove to be a masterpiece for this amateur!😁
  8. I've discovered the initial bulk filler application over the hull was the easy part. The later stages of smaller amounts of filler is like pulling teeth. Very tedious. It's all a part of it I guess. I am either very lucky or actually have some hidden skills to have pulled of a successful hull despite the not so perfect planking. The easy part of the build is all behind me now. This is where patience and time really kicks in. I am still loving it.
  9. Hey all, I haven't given up. I've simply got derailed by life. I Have done a small bit of work on the lower superstructure in between being busy. I hope to get back at the hull and get my RC components soon. Terry
  10. I did some more sanding and filling, working tiny amounts on the bow face and shaping the bell the way I want it. I had that done by 11 a.m. and feel guilty (haha) not working on the superstructure today. But hey, her 1:1 wasn't built in a day. Slow & steady
  11. Just wanted to throw an anchor out to all the members that have helped me so far. The words of encouragement, tips, tricks, ideas and critiquing has been more valuable than you know.

    As a first time builder, I realize as each moment comes and goes, how important timing and patience really is.

    Without well moderated mediums such as this, and the members in it, new builders such as myself would most likely be wading in rough waters.


    Bravo gents

  12. The beauty about these models, you can make small modifications to make it your own. There is beauty, even in an aged, now demolished, tug. We had two identical super-ferries running between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland for years. They sent them off to some beach in India I beleive to be torn apart. Caused quite a stir. Everyone hated to see them go. They were named M.V. Joseph & Clara Smallwood and the M.V. Caribou Absolutely amazing, beautiful ships. I wish there was a 1:75 scale model of one of them.
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