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  1. Thank you Anja, I think i'm going to enjoy it here. Yes he is very kind for wanting to help, I think it'll be a nice Father-Son project. Thank you Geoff, I hope so too Oh I am very excited, I wish I knew more about it, whether it was built by my friends late Grandfather or by someone else entirely. I've been digging around a bit to try and find someone with heavy knowledge on the subject, my location will make that fairly easy, just a matter of finding them, i'll make sure to keep you all informed, whether I find out more information or when I go ahead on the resto.
  2. Thank you! I was gonna work on with my Stepfather over the summer before I leave for bootcamp, It's a beast and I didn't want it to be lost to the dump, even if its not worth much of anything, thank you for the resource, ill definitely pick up a copy
  3. Two days ago I was helping my buddy clean out his late grandparents marina, loads of nautical gear either rotted beyond repair or so outdated it won't ever be used again, but that's besides the point. We were inside the house when I found this model, and I asked his mother about it and she said I could just have it, didn't know anything about it, and I have no clue about what it is, the rigging was shot completely and there is damage, most of all She's just dirty, was hoping someone has some sort of clue what She is before I begin restoring her myself. The Sails are stiff and rotted which is a
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